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How to keep your man happy?

You must have heard that pleasing a lady is an extremely difficult task. However, being a guy I would not say that it is an extremely easy to do. If...

You must have heard that pleasing a lady is an extremely difficult task. However, being a guy I would not say that it is an extremely easy to do. If you go by the rule book, men are can be made happy with small gestures done with love by their partners. Even in the most difficult times, not leaving the side is what can make a relationship work long and strong. Well, if you still face issues in trying to decipher how to actually make you man feel happy and pampered, go on and read the blog till the end. Interested? Let's look at the steps to keep your man pampered.

Give him some space

If you are facing problems in trying to let out your expressions and there's a lot been happening in his life lately, give him some time and space. Do not confuse space with the leaving him alone with his problems, it actually means that give him to think about his problems and the solutions that can help.

Be there for him

Guys are like little babies who might not say it, but would surely appreciate your presence with them in the difficult times. Like I said in the above point that space is necessary, it is not that your physical presence is what matters. In fact, what matters that you're connected to him on the mental and emotional level and provide him his needs accordingly.

Do small things to make him smile

It is that time now that the best thing one can do for their partners is to give them their time. Time being the most valuable thing, you must spend time with him. Apart from this, you can do small things or make love gestures like sending him a love message or cook his favorite delicacies to make him smile and appreciate your presence.

Give him a massage

When you know your relationship is strong and gonna last, you can even do things that would bring you both close to each other. For example, an aromatic massage would be a great idea if he feels relaxed and comforted by it. This, in turn, would e helpful for your intimacy as well.

Love him

Talking about intimacy, the tried and trusted way of pampering is by loving him and getting playful under sheets. Buy him a pair of men's sexy underwear like thong underwear or men's g-string or even something that you know he might appreciate. Do things for him that he loves and you're sure to calm him down of all his problems. With all the above aspects and tips, you must constantly tell your man that you love him. A sense of security and being loved are the sure shot ways that will pamper you man in the best way possible. If you have any other way of pampering your guy, do let us know in the comments below or if you are a guy and want to be pampered do write to us. Also Read:
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