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How to Increase Fertility in Men?

Fertility has always been a point of concern for families who have been looking forward to having a baby in their family. You would also know that some couples go...

Fertility has always been a point of concern for families who have been looking forward to having a baby in their family. You would also know that some couples go ahead and get medical tests done in order to check whether any of the two have the tendency to be infertile. In order to avoid all these situations, men have taken extreme steps to stay in a shape where they don't have to face problems planning a baby. How to ensure your sperm count is in check or if not what can be done to increase your fertility? Let us look at the steps that you can take to make sure your intimate health is in perfect shape.

Healthy eating habits

The very thing to be taken take care always starts from eating healthy foods. Whether it is burning calories or gaining a few pounds or anything else, food and the eating habits always comes first. When you want your body to function properly, good food and healthy food items are a must. Intake a lot of antioxidants including fruits and vegetables which will boost the sperm count.

Go for a walk and more

It is nothing new when someone says that they don't have time for early morning workouts. However, I wouldn't ask you to do that it either. In fact, I would recommend you to go for a long walk with your partner when you get time as well as workout any time of the day when it is feasible. It will count as an advantage for your body's health.

Avoid stressful situations

The other day I went to a discussion group where they were talking about stress and its consequences. We all present there had a common say that there is no way that one can avoid stress because it is like our daily routine. So, the speaker said that one must run away from the stressful situation if they don't know to tackle it without letting it take a toll on you. Well, it is very important in today's time to avoid a lot of stress because that's where you get numerous health issues. It can be very harmful to your fertility as well.

Quit a few habits

"Old habits die hard"! Someone rightly said this phrase because it is very true to handle. However, if you want to achieve something, it is important for you to get rid of those dirty habits that have taken a lot from you. What habits am I talking about? Smoking, drinking alcohol, getting used to weed/marijuana/hash or anything such is injurious to your sexual life. Even passive smoking can cause lower sperm count level.

Don't let it get heated

If you go by the books, men's brief underwear causes excessive heat in the manhood which leads to infertility. However, the studies done later showed that any men's underwear style that is tight on the shaft causes it to heat which tends to lower the count, whether it is the classic tighty whiteys or the sensuous bikini underwear. Make sure you pick on something that doesn't kill your masculinity to death. With these minute steps and habits, you can be the happy daddy that you want to be without facing any troubles. Related Stories:
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  • Richard Damro
    Richard DamroApril 26, 2018

    Does masturbating have a good or bad affect on the size of genitals?

    At what age do you think it is ok for young guys to start masturbating?

    Do you think masturbating often at a young age makes a young guy develop larger genitals?

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