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Thanksgiving 2017 - What to do?

Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday, is about getting together with the family & friends, sitting around the table and having a good time. Whether it's the relatives from near and far coming together for a big, festive reunion, sharing all the blessings for which they are grateful for a day filled with the stress of annoying, overbearing relatives, it is still considered a family holiday set against the backdrop of tons of delicious food. But, there's a lot more than just food and gathering when it comes to Thanksgiving. Do you remember what did we suggest that you should do last year?? If you don't remember, you can check it here. Talking about the present, it is again a time when you can do newer things to make it even more blessed and cheerful. We've compiled a list of 5 things that you should do on Thanksgiving 2017.

Be positive - and feel so

Start your afresh!! Have a good night sleep and wake up feeling fresh on the Thanksgiving Day. Look to the brighter side of life and live the day by treating yourself to the best. Take yourself on a date, love yourself, pamper yourself with good food, dance, go for a movie/watch a movie at home while staying in your brief underwear.

Cook food with your loved ones

What can be better than cooking together if you really want to spend time with your loved ones? Whether it is you and your partner or the entire family clan, cooking together brings a family closer. You can roast your entire turkey or just the mashed potatoes, but what matters is that coming together for some quality time.

Change traditions

Why would you always want to invite the family for supper? Why can't you be a guest to someone else's?? Why not spend a day hiking? Collect pieces of nature along the way. Why not decorate your table with beautiful autumn leaves and pine cones collected from the hiking? Take photographs of the scenery to capture the moments. Use special dishes, bowls and serving platters that are reserved for special occasions.

Give but not to receive

Don't we all love to receive but giving can be fun too. With so many online stores giving away Thanksgiving discounts, start your holiday gift shopping early. You can brave the crowds in the stores or snuggle up with your partner and pick anything from the online stores where you pick something for everyone. While doing this, you can also buy something for yourself and your partner as well.

Have fun

The most important tip is to have fun. Concentrate on what makes you happy and never miss out to count your blessings. Enjoy starting new traditions, spending time with someone you love and eating incredible food. Finally, do what you love to do. Happy Thanksgiving fellas!! More Stories:

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