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10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 2

In the beginning of the month, I had written a blog that basically talked about things that you must be thankful about. We mentioned about the first set of things that you must thankful about, this blog brings forth the next set that is more about the practical things that we say "Thank God" to when it is done to the perfection. What can these things be? Let us look at them listed below. 6.Being alive: You might say this in your prayers every night that "thank you for giving me a day and keeping me alive", but it is actually an aspect for which you should thankful about. With so many disasters happening around the world, you and your entire family are safe. Shouldn't you be thankful for it? Being alive includes everything from waking up in the morning healthy to having all the necessities worth living for. 7.Technology: Don't you sometimes wonder you could go back in the ancient times to experience when there was nothing? On the contrary, if you are left even a few years back when there was no online shopping or portable chargers and a lot more things like Netflix. It looks like it gets very uncomfortable living without these technologies that help us pass time and also make things easier for us. Say thank you for these! 8.Google: Can you be thankful enough to the almighty Google? You might have Apple Siri with you that answers almost every question but then there's no match of Google. It is a place where the wisest. Strongest and the most intelligent comes to seek answers for all their problems. Every age group has at least once typed the golden words (question) on the blank space and got numerous answers for the same. 9.Sale, Discounts and Free Shipping: Raise your hands if you are not thankful for this aspect. Well, being a shopaholic myself, it is what I am thankful for every time I log in to buy something from online stores. With Mensuas, this task gets a lot easier because of the authentic products available at great discounts with free shipping*. Isn't it amazing? 10.Food: Last but not the least is food. Who doesn't like experiencing the exotic assortment of delicacies available everywhere you go? Foodies would understand what I mean here because, at every nook and corner of the world, you'd find expert culinary skills that serve great food for your taste buds. What's your favorite dish from which part of the world? Which one of them all are you actually thankful for? Do let us know in the comments below. Stories You May Like:

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