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10 Things to be Thankful About- Part 1

November being the month of being thankful for all that you have and all that is constantly being added in your life, you need to take out some time thanking for being so blessed. This blog is dedicated to all of you in this month where you and Mensuas together celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2016. This blog would lay out the 5 most important things that you should be grateful for as a man.
  1. A supportive family: Think about the people who don't have a family to love, to support and to grow with. You are very lucky to have a family that smiles together, cries together and even spends the craziest of times together. These relationships go a long way and you alone cannot do anything if you don't have your family with you.
  2. Basic necessities: If you have food to eat, shelter to hide and clothes to wear, you are more privileged than the ones that have none of it. Good food three times a day and fashionable men's clothing articles are something you should be thankful about. From your modern, trendy outfits to your basic men's underwear style, everything counts when it comes to clothing.
  3. Love: Talking about family and basic necessities, one must not forget that love is what acts as a binding agent between the above-mentioned aspects. Mentioned as the most important fruits of the spirit in the Bible, love is what is shared with you and you should do the same with others, and also be thankful for because you're not deprived of it.
  4. Pets: Like me, pet lovers would understand that true meaning of having a pet in the family. You always have someone to look up to when you want to share your burden and tears. You'll never be disheartened if you put your trust in the pet of your family. Do you agree?
  5. Sleep: You wouldn't have agreed more with this. Did you? Sleeping is the best things to look up to for the weekends apart from Netflix and other Social sites. You can be you while at home, doing nothing and just spending hours lying on your couch. What do you think?
With these first set of thanking list, what do you think the next one should have? Do let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the awesome deals at for Thanksgiving Day. You can check out what you can do this year, here. Related Stories:

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