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Good things come in big packages

Good things come in big packages

Today we are thinking about those you who are above average, in a big way. We know that it can be hard for those who come with a big package (is that so?), so our focus is on guys who are 8 inches or above and the solution to your shopping problems. As we know, not all underwear styles fit all tastes and not every type of underwear fits all. Imagine your partner's surprise when they find that what lies beneath is bigger than what they had imagined!

Let's see what your different and most suitable options are. First, we recommend buying underwear with a pouch. Whatever underwear you choose, just make sure that the size is right and has a contoured pouch. Give your biggie a pouch and let it breath. Trust us, with this option, it will never bother you again. It is important to buy versatile brands that have extra space to fit in your huge ju*k. Check out Pistol Pete's vivacious and compelling underwear. We can't get enough of those eye-catching prints! You won't be able to judge the super luxurious feeling they provide until you slip into a pair and feel it for yourself.


We also recommend that you try briefs. If you're well-endowed and looking for underwear that will give you the most room, then briefs are for you. Try brands such as Hung, specially designed for guys like you. Briefs are made of nylon featuring spandex, incorporating fabric that will stretch and give you the coverage you need while bringing a sexy look that your partner will never forget. This brand's underwear is ergonomically designed for men with huge packages. The material is very light and breathable with great enhancing support. Hung also offers a wide variety of jockstraps, bikinis, boxers, and briefs.


If you're a man who likes being loyal to a particular style, you can also choose boxers for more room. Boxers provide complete coverage while also covering more thigh. Wear a relaxed fit for maximum room and more leg comfort.

A good pair of boxer briefs goes a long way if you know what I mean.

Gift yourself a set of new, flattening, sexy as hell underwear for your birthday or any other occasion. It's not like you need it, but you'll surely get a lot of attention!

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One thought on “Good things come in big packages

  1. avatar Ethan says:

    Well, I have a big package, so it is hard to shop the perfect fit for me. At, I found my perfect match. There are many varieties of underwear styles for big packages. I had the doubt the fabric quality. But when I wore it. It’s very comfortable and soft fabric quality.     

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