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Men's Fashion- Essentials Every Guy Should Have

It gets very difficult to understand in today's world whether it is essential or not, where the word'essentials' is tossed around for almost everything. In the men's fashion industry, it...

It gets very difficult to understand in today's world whether it is essential or not, where the word'essentials' is tossed around for almost everything. In the men's fashion industry, it is probably the most overused word by the various brands and companies in order to put their products forward. However, what essential really means is just that – the kind of item, that if not present, makes your wardrobe fall apart. Furthermore, they should all (well, almost all) complement each other when put together and be completely interchangeable. Let us look at the list of the most essential items to dress up well below.

White Oxford Shirt

A pair of Oxford white shirt is easily available in versatile styles and can be worn under a formal suit as well as with denims. They look great tucked in or even when let it out loose. Hence, if you have these; you're surely having a plenty of teaming up options that will not let your style quotient fall apart.

Slim fit dark denims

Dark denims are definitely an essential because it would complement any kind of formal shirt or even t-shirts. Slim fit (not skinny) can also be called as straight cut that can go well with suit jacket or even casual tee.

Navy blazer

It is again one of the most common clothing articles that look absolutely stunning if worn correctly. Make sure the color is dark enough to be paired with trousers of contrasting colors at clubs and parties. They make a great selection at events that need to part formal part casual dressing.

Solid tie

Solid colored tie, preferably dark shade would be great and would go well with suits, jumpers as well as shirts. Keep it simple and versatile to make it suitable for the mentioned styles of clothing.


You must be all crazy about Vans and other companies that offer grown up sneakers. Cherish them, wear them, clean them, and keep them young and durable.

Black formal shoes

You can't keep wearing trainers with every clothing pair and require something that can be worn to board meetings or special occasions. Black colored formal shoes would go with any colored suit or shirt and save your style.

Grey suit

It is again the most versatile suit option like the White Oxford shirt. Spend your money wisely on a good grey suit and you won't need to spend money again (very soon). You can split the articles like you can wear the jacket with jeans and trousers with the white shirt and more. Mix and match your style well.

Every men's underwear style

Whether you are totally in love with men's briefs or boxer briefs; make sure you have men's underwear style for every occasion. Jockstraps are great for sports while, thongs for men or g-string are perfect for date nights. Get them all. These must have essentials can easily fit in your wardrobe as well as your pocket. Do let us know in the comments below your views on the essential or if you have any recommendations to make. Till the next blog, check out the exotic collection of men's designer underwear at Liked This? You'll Like These Too:
2 comments on Men's Fashion- Essentials Every Guy Should Have
  • Jason Ward
    Jason WardApril 21, 2016

    Yeah! I have everything mentioned in the list apart from the solid tie. Does this mean that I am fully equipped with in terms of style? I am glad I read this blog and now I’m gonna feel proud about it, and complete my essentials by buying that solid colored tie.

  • Austin Clark
    Austin ClarkApril 18, 2016

    I felt that formal trousers went missing in the piece of information, or probably it was meant for the casual looks. Apart from these two, I found the blog really informative and helpful. Hope some more are coming this way!

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