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Men's Clothing- Summer Substitutes

The short lived winter months are coming to an end and all hail summers is approaching really quickly. Well as we embark from the colder months to the hot ones, it is very important to alter our clothing in the same respect. To make it easier for you to opt for summer clothing we have listed down some options that'll help you switch from one climatic condition to another in style.

Jacket to light blazer

Don't go with the word'blazer' because you might take it for the winter months. However, it is the fabric that plays a pivotal part here. In order to keep it stylish, we have swapped the heavy woolen jackets with lightweight fabrics like linen and chambray. It will not be just plain breathable or maintain your cool; it will add versatility to your attire.

Heavy denims to summery chinos

Lowers or trousers in an essential men's clothing article 24*7*12. It is just that you have to adapt to the climatic conditions in order keep it comfortable and splendid down there. Chinos are available for both cold as well as warmer seasons because men prefer to keep it classy down there. Hence, opt for tailored chinos in cotton- and linen-blends that are smarter; they help take any off-duty outfit up a notch instantly. Opt for lighter colors like beige and white or the classics like navy and gray.

Leather boots to suede styles

Why did I not mention any specific alternative men's footwear style in the heading? The reason here is I, myself was a little confused with the gushing number of options available for men. From suede derbies, we can make a selection all the way to boat shoes, leather sandals, woven slip on and many others. What matters here is, that your feet should be able to breathe well in order to avoid situations like various infections (due to sweat).

Long sleeves Oxford shirt to short sleeves shirt

Whether you call it short sleeves or half sleeves, it means the same. The point of focus here is that you must adapt to the hotter months by trimming down the length of the clothes. You can continue to wear white Oxford shirt to your office, but the weather doesn't allow that. Hence, go for voguish short sleeve shirts that'll magnify your style quotient. Cotton-blend, chambray and linen shirts in lighter shades of beige or off-white are the most appropriate for high summer, with their neutral shade also allowing you to sub them straight into any of your current looks.

Briefs/boxer briefs to thongs/jockstraps

Why is men's underwear even mentioned here, you must think? Aye! Winters call for warmth to your most sensitive popliteal whereas; summer demands for something that is breathable, comfortable and lets you feel summery down there. Hence, it would be a wise decision to opt for sexy underwear styles such as male thongs or jockstrap underwear for men. They offer support, exposure and just what you need for the heat. These substitutes or you call them alternatives will lead you to a stylish and comfortable summer path. Keep looking stylish by the choosing the right clothes. For men's underwear, check out the new arrivals range at

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2 thoughts on “Men's Clothing- Summer Substitutes

  1. avatar Diego Moore says:

    Do trainers come in the category of suedes? I have no clue about this, but I hope you could help me out here. Thank you for the detailed blog that is going to prove quite functional in the changing season.

  2. avatar Tyler Brown says:

    Thank you for this important piece that transforms the seasonal change. Had no clue that one can even wear a blazer in summers. I really liked some aspects that I was unaware about. Looking forward to get more info here!

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