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How to Prevent Manhood Odor?

Men (and women) have their own body aroma which is uniquely theirs. Men in specific have the smell coming from their shaft (the penis) which can sometimes be misunderstood as...

Men (and women) have their own body aroma which is uniquely theirs. Men in specific have the smell coming from their shaft (the penis) which can sometimes be misunderstood as some vague and weird smell. Well, it can be both- it can be the unique incense that attracts the opposite sex or the distinctive smell that can really put off the mood. Generally, the odor starts coming when you indulge in sexual activities and it is perfectly normal. However, this smell can be very irritating and a huge turn off if it persists. So, it is very important to take care of your intimate health by knowing what can be done in a situation like this.

Opt for grooming

Yes! The first step to avoid the strange smell, you can groom below the belt area and shave off your pubic hair. Hair removal would give better breathability to your private skin and will not heat up the adjacent areas. Hence, it helps in less sweating and the odor.

Focus on intimate cleaning

When it comes to taking a bath, it is generally advised to clean every area very properly. However, it takes a lot of focus and concern when it comes to washing your intimate area. Women keep it soft and gentle while using intimate hygiene wash to clean their privates whereas; men are supposed to avoid soap as well as opt for a gentle cleanser that does its job well.

Dry yourself properly

After you take a shower, it is very important to dry yourself properly. Even if a little moisture is left before you slip into your men's underwear, the smell will continue to be felt by you as well as the people around you. How am I sure about it? Well, I have been through this when I had no knowledge about the intimate health and was very embarrassed at every stage. So, make sure you dry yourself properly before wearing clothes.

Get the right men's underwear

Weather conditions and specifically summertime is all about sweat (which you have to avoid). With summer comes the sweat and with sweat comes the odor. So, it is recommended that you opt for fashion underwear that breathes exceptionally well. Whether it is cotton briefs or sexy sheer thongs, what matters it that your manhood should breathe well. Sheer underwear does wonders when it comes to air flow, explore more here. With these precautionary measures and tips, you'd sure to lead a happy as well as healthy intimate life. Stay clean and stay healthy with numerous men's sexy underwear styles at Stories You May Like:
2 comments on How to Prevent Manhood Odor?
  • Dan
    DanJune 27, 2018

    Removing hair “down there” is great advice. I have been doing that for years, it makes a difference. I now remove ALL body hair top to bottom. Feel much cleaner! I use a defoliant on my genitalia and really scrub them. Maybe over kill but I want to be clean as possible.

  • Wille Harris
    Wille HarrisAugust 24, 2016

    This is a wonderful piece of advice for both men and women. I didn’t know that changing the underwear style can be helpful. I already have a cotton brief and it is specially good for the heat of summer. However, I havn’t tried the sheer thongs yet. I’ll get one for myself soon.

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