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Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

 Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

Just take a look at this masterpiece that not only looks good but also provides comfort and support. These unique pairs of men's g-strings have been designed by Secret Male as a part of their new line of designer g-strings for men. They enhance your profile and never leave your jewels hanging. As shown in the images by the model, they bring out your inner alpha and make you the hunk you are.

Secret Male underwear has become a famous fashion brand of men's underwear. They are known for making fashionable and sexy underwear for men. The recent one being this g-string for men that provides a sexy look and showcases all that is supposed to be covered. This underwear provides a low-rise fit on the body, so you get to enjoy the string that does not cover anything and provides you with an overall sexy look. The material used on it also enhances an overall sex appeal.

Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

If you are looking for underwear for men that provides you with the comfort and freedom that you want while making sure you look sexy, then you are in the right place. Secret Male brings g-strings for men for those trying to find something more from their underwear. The material used to make these designer underwear for men is polyamide and spandex that provides you with a comfortable feel and support that holds your underwear together. The string used to keep the underwear in one place provides you with a sexy look and exposes your thigh so you can look your best. The front pouch of these g-strings for men offers enough room for your package to expand and contract easily without any issues. Also, the material is transparent that showcases your package and lets everyone know what your real deal is. These g-strings for men are suitable for all occasions from chilling on the beach to a romantic encounter. Whatever may be the occasion they never fail to amaze everyone and bring out your true nature. On the rear-end, this underwear for men offers full exposure of your buttocks making them pop-out so that you can look like a Greek god about to wreak havoc on some lady. This underwear for men offers comfort and support you need to get through your day without any issues.

They come in all shapes and sizes from small to extra-large so whatever is the size of your package and whatever are your needs they are taken care of without any issues and problems. These g-strings for men offer the best in class design and support for you without being too expensive.

Color Availability:

These g-strings for men come in different color options for you to choose from, so you have enough options to make them all happy without any problem.

Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

  • Black
  • White
  • Red

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Secret Male SML012 Lunaria G-String

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