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Brand New: Pistol Pete All Out Trunk

Brand New: Pistol Pete All Out Trunk

We have been talking a lot about the new launches on Mensuas these days. Well, it is because the collection of men’s underwear offered by the brands at the online store is something that should get all the attention - for good reasons. Whether it is the men’s lingerie by Secret Male or the sporty men’s jockstrap underwear by Daddy Underwear, the collection is for one and all. Talking about Pistol Pete, we’ll be talking about the sexy, supportive, and kinky pair of men’s hot underwear in this blog that the brand recently added to the store.

When you think of Pistol Pete Underwear, you know that there’s a lot of sexiness with an integral part - support added in all the men’s underwear styles. Whether it is male thongs, boxer briefs for men, or even men’s briefs for that matter. But did you think that the pair brand would go all way to being naughty and fetish? Well, if you thought ‘no’, this men’s trunk underwear will prove you wrong.

Brand New: Pistol Pete All Out Trunk

Just take a look at the trunks for men and see what do you notice apart from the model’s love for cars. The conventional-looking pair of men’s trunk underwear provides the definition on the legs that every man needs. What stands out is the front that features a small drop-like pouch that has loose ends. You would notice a snap enclosure that gives you easy access to unleash the beast within no time. You snap it - voila!! The manhood comes out without any obstruction.

Now, let’s flip the men’s sexy underwear and what do you see? You will find a sexy cut-out the reveals your butt crack. What else do you want from your underneath fashion when you get all-in-one?

Features of the men’s sexy underwear by Pistol Pete:

  • (Un)conventional trunks by Pistol Pete underwear
  • Tasty coverage all through the underneath including the front and back
  • The snap fastener opening on the pouch makes you go all the way from conventional super erotic.
  • Broad elastic waistband to hold up everything
  • Fabric composition: Cotton and spandex


Brand New: Pistol Pete All Out Trunk available in three colors

Blue, Red and White

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Pistol Pete PPG028 All Out Trunk 

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