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Brand New: Daniel Alexander Capri Bikini


Brand New: Daniel Alexander Capri Bikini for men

So, we’ve been talking about the brand new collection that Mensuas has welcomed for all its avid customers. The men’s underwear brands have crafted the new collections and the mens underwear online store has made it accessible for all the customers. One of the brands that have captured the limelight is certainly going to be Daniel Alexander underwear with its collection of new arrivals. Just take a look at the men’s bikini underwear that this model is posing in. It boasts summer and sunshine.

Well, we’ll be talking about the men’s bikinis that are featured in the images in this blog and they are proudly called Daniel Alexander Capri bikini underwear for men. Talking about the sexy underwear brand, every style that it brings forward is stunning. You cannot object to the conventional cuts and be pleased with the softest fabrics and modern touches to highlight your personality. This male bikini is one of the many other options that not only help you get in touch with your sensuality but does its work to support and enhance what you have below the belt on the functional front.

So, as you can now have a closer look at the men’s bikini by the fashion underwear brand, you’d notice the low rise underwear for men makes sure that the waistband doesn’t pop out of the pants to start with. With a contrast colored trim or what you call as thick piping throughout the edges to keep the fabric in place. Did you know that having men’s hot underwear (the ones with skimpier fabric design) with piping on the edges can increase the shelf life of your men’s underwear? Well, that’s because it abstains from wear and tear. The same is the case with these male bikinis.

Daniel Alexander DAI061 Capri Bikini for men

Next in the queue is the shimmery fabric that hugs your assets comfortably and supports them to the end. The front features a pouch underwear feature that shapes up according to the manhood and contours the same. Hence, you get to enjoy the visibility anytime and anywhere.

Let’s turn the men’s bikini underwear -

You would find a triangular coverage that hides and shows off the butts to the best. The seamless design in the back keeps it quite comfortable. Made with polyamide and spandex blend, the men’s bikini underwear will last long.

Take a look at the detailed features that you’d find in this men’s bikinis below.

  • Men’s bikini underwear by Daniel Alexander.
  • Low rise underwear with a no-show waistband.
  • Sexy design that covers yet reveals.
  • Triangular coverage in the back for hide&seek feeling with a protruded bulge in the front.
  • The pouch enhancing underwear features a thick center seam that adds more room.
  • Polyamide and spandex fabric composition.


Black/red, Red/white, and Purple/blue

Daniel Alexander Capri Bikini


Want to check it out? You can check out and buy the men’s bikini underwear here - Daniel Alexander DAI061 Capri Bikini and more mens underwear reviews.

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