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Which is Your Favorite Mens Sexy Underwear Style for This Season?

With the growing awareness among men about their underneath fashion and their intimate health, the men’s underwear industry has done a lot of hard work and introduced a gamut of designer underwear styles that are perfect for the different occasions and seasons.

At Mensuas, you’d find a variety of options that go all the way from conventional styles to the modern ones that reveal a lot about you. But it is that time of the era where the regular styles won’t work for everyone - you need mens sexy underwear.

Cover Male CMK064 Provocative Thong


No matter if the winters are coming, there are numerous reasons for which men’s sexy underwear is a must-have for your personality.

This blog lays down the different men’s sexy underwear styles available at the men’s underwear online store and is perfect for this season.


Boxer Briefs For Men

The most popular style that counts as mens sexy underwear during the winter months would certainly be the first choice.

Intymen INJ047 Seductive Brief

Do I need to tell you why would that be? It was back in history when men felt that briefs were too restrictive and boxers too loose, men's boxer briefs were born.

The style has length, coverage, support, breathability, body-defining features, and a lot of sex appeal.


Mens Bikinis

Considered to be the sexier version of mens briefs, mens bikinis are subtle and erotic at the same time. All you need to do is - find the one that suits your personality.

The temptation is caused basically by the cuts and the exposure that the style ensures. With a variety of cuts from conventional waistband to string-like ones, your need is covered at the online store.


Secret Male SMI038 Thick Bikini


This season calls for mens bikinis that are sexier in terms of designs but provide the support that you need below the belt. With numerous designs available, you’ll have something matching the different holidays coming up this year.


Mens Thongs

Coming towards the sexier styles that focus on revealing your manhood, mens thongs is what is the best of you like to keep it subtly sexy.

Featuring a functional (optional) pouch in the front, you’d find a waistband and a strap or string that connects the pouch with the waistband.


Cover Male CMK062 All over me Thong


Mens thongs are the mens sexy underwear that goes all the way from sophisticated to erotically delicious for the season.


Mens G-Strings

With a basic structure of G, mens g-strings are the skimpier version of mens thongs and is considered to be the best mens underwear style. Looks more like thongs, it is just that the waistband is in form of a string as well as the rear coverage doesn’t cover quite literally.


Daniel Alexander DAL043 The Arctic G-String


Buying a size bigger to the actual size is advised if you are opting for the mens sexy underwear style for the first time.

Which mens sexy underwear style would you choose this season?



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