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Want to Roleplay? Why not think of mens sexy underwear?

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When it's about taking the relationship slightly on a naughtier level, roleplays are a must. Roleplays are basically getting into a character for turning on the partner. And if you are worried about whether your partner will like that or not just because it has been a very long time, then stop doing that. It's all about the moment. 

Although there are various roleplay characters which you can play, but we have listed some of the easiest roleplay characters for beginners and all those who want to keep it simple yet naughty.

Roleplay character 1: Nanny and hot single dad

Nanny and hot single dad, easy, right. You can be the single and hot dad showing his abs and thighs in men's mesh underwear and your partner could be the nanny hiding her sexy babydoll inside her clothes. The Nanny and parent fantasy is really simple because it does not demand too much costume. She can wear a shirt with just one button whereas you can opt for cargo pants and a pair of mesh underwear. 

Secret Male SMI037 Buck Naked Bikini

You both can create a scene, for example, asking her out for a candlelight dinner because you love her and can keep this set up at home. Gradually, you guys can move from the dining room to the bedroom. 

The reason why I suggest you pick men's mesh underwear among all other styles of men's lingerie as it's sexy, comfortable, lightweight, and accentuates your features very well. Moreover, the style offers you enough flexibility and breathability. For this act, Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap is the right fit. Jockstrap and sheer, a deadly combination you can ever find.

Roleplay 2: Good cop and bad cop

Sometimes it's good to be bad especially when the task is about turning on your partner without putting in too much effort. This roleplay would look great with some police badges or handcuffs so in case your friend has handcuffs or police badges from Halloween costumes past, request him to pass it on to you. 

Good cop, bad cop is basically referred to police interrogation technique in which one police officer feigns a sympathetic or protective attitude whereas another goes for an aggressive approach. 

Pistol Pete PPE023 Jock Jockstrap

You can interrogate your partner and with one wrong answer, you can just until his/her shirt. Just keep on going with the technique and things will get heated up automatically. Make sure you are wearing men's g-string after all, you are a bold and confident cop. Someone who is never afraid of anything. 

This mens sexy underwear is comfortable, supportive, and enhances the shape of your manhood rightly. Moreover, let you move freely so you can catch as many enemies as you want. Try Good Devil GDK052 Daddy Chaser G-String.

Roleplay 3: Librarian and active reader

Ohhh, this is my favorite, Librarian and active reader. Reading demands focus, dedication, and consistency and for all this, you need a hot librarian who can encourage you to come to the library. Unfortunately due to the current scenario and the emergence of Kindle, people don't feel like going to libraries. If you and your partner are old schools in romance then this is the perfect roleplay character for you. 

Modus Vivendi 02014 Camouflage Brief

I would say go for the librarian's role because you have a lot to play with the character. Let your partner lose the book and you can ask him/her to repay back in a way that excites you. You can pick mens thong as it's stylish, comfortable, easy to carry due to which you can enjoy the moment better. The skinny silhouette lets you move freely and gives you the feeling as if nothing is covering your manhood down there. Go with Cover Male CML028 Glare Thong

Roleplay 4: College athlete and coach

While I was in college, I came to know that girls like sportsmen, and we can't deny the fact, college coaches are highly appealing. You can either be a college athlete or a coach, both are sexy. You can pull this entire scene off in men's jockstrap underwear.

When it's about sports, how can we not mention Jockstrap underwear? They are skinny, comfortable, designed especially to protect your jewels and give your butt a nice pump. Daddy DDE018 Jockstrap would be the right fit.

For sustaining a thriving, juicy, monogamous relationship, Role-play is a powerful tool. As far as both the partners are embracing it, it can role-enhance a long-term and/or committed relationship.
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