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Top 5 underwear trends to keep on your radar

Top 5 underwear trends to keep on your radar

You may think men's underwear, shapewear, and even swimwear are just the same, year in and year out. However, just like fashion, the underneath fashion industry emerges with new trends year after year to keep you feeling sexy as ever.

No, we're not talking about the underneath fashion in comparison to the outfits and the trends that come in collaborations. We're talking plain fashion underwear trends that can blow your mind and will your be your best bet for the season. Just like a lot of new celebrities have made news by posing for the shutterbugs including the cast of "The Moonlight" and Kylie Jenner posted a selfie in a pair of men's boxers and a tank top.

Lace, sheer, and so much are some of the underwear trends that you keep on your radar to find the suitable one for yourself.

Soft Lace Underwear

    You might call it retro or feminine, lace has been an integral part of the fashion industry for decades and has its own sex appeal. This season get plenty of men's lace underwear to keep yourself comfortable and pampered on the hot days. Good Devil Lace Bikini | MensuasGood Devil Lace Bikini is masculine bikini underwear that lets you feel the elegance and pampering of the luxurious fabric. With the extensive support for the manhood, the feminine sensuousness is worth experiencing.

    Pouch Underwear for enhancement

      Some men are God gifted when it comes to a pleasing personality while others have to work really hard to make the same. The same is the case with your masculinity's visibility and enhancement. You can thank the industry for bringing forward men's pouch underwear as well as other enhancement apparel styles which focus on providing visibility to the manhood. From the contouring pouches to the ones that feature outline piping to lift the manhood to an elevated position, the list of options is quite long. Intymen Bold Pouch Boxer | MensuasIntymen Bold Pouch Boxer is an ideal choice when it comes to keeping the manhood front and center. The choices of colors available are peppy and vibrant.

      Butt Lifting underwear

        Going conventional with the briefs and boxer brief underwear is past now. This season, go sexy with the enhanced visibility of your booty with butt lifting underwear. Though there is plenty of shapewear available online, the charm of enhancing your butts is completely different.

        With the masculine design of the conventional styles, the construction features elastic bands or pads that add to the visibility. The ones with the bands give a push to the same and make them appear rounder. Intymen Butt Boxer | MensuasIntymen Butt Boost Boxer is what comes to your aid when you seek attention in the back. Now your pants won't drool and you'd be able to shape up accordingly to look appealing anywhere.

        See-through Underwear

          If you've been looking for options to sizzle up your moments, sheer underwear is a trend that never goes out of style. In fact, the options have just been getting better and better with time when it comes to showing off some skin.

          Whether you choose the mesh fabric to increase the breathability or see-through material that lets your partner peep into your goods, there are a plethora of products to choose from. From the sexy briefs to the sultry male thongs, the list is endless. Cover Male Slip Bikini | MensuasThe Cover Male Slip Bikini is the right pair for times when you want to break free from a solid fabric. However, if breathability is one your mind, Agacio Bikini Brief is worth slipping into.

          Athleisure wear is in

            Athletic + Leisure = Athleisure is the new trend. It doesn't really matter whether you are a sportsperson or not. Athleisure is the fun way to say that your clothing pieces are meant for comfort a.k.a leisure and are designed with a sporty appeal added to them. A report mentioned that the respective market makes up about 15% of the clothing market. Well, that's about the outfits and underneath but designer underwear meant for your comfort with the supportive approach to them is what men are coming close to.

            The supportive pouch, waistband and the other features with a fabric composition that calls for comfort are what is trending now. Pistol Pete Stallion Compression Trunk | MensuasPistol Pete Stallion Compression Trunk is an underwear that is tailored for the respective need.

            Which trend are you planning to adopt? Do let us know in the comments below.

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