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Top 5 comfortable underwear for men

What does it take for you to get something that is extremely loving down there? Well, when it comes to loving, it definitely means the most comfortable underwear for men....

Top 5 comfortable underwear for menWhat does it take for you to get something that is extremely loving down there? Well, when it comes to loving, it definitely means the most comfortable underwear for men. So what do you think counts for the comforting feeling below the belt? Is it the fit, fabric or pouch option that makes for comfortable underwear for men?
This blog brings forth the best and the most comfortable pairs of men's fashion underwear available at mensuas.com for your hassle-free search at the men's underwear store.
1. Agacio Basics Bikini: Agacio stands tall in the men's underwear industry, providing the most comfortable apparel styles. Most of the pieces offered by the sophisticated brand are made with modal/spandex ratio that is exceptionally comfortable, breathable and durable on the skin. With no fabric on the sides and ample in the front as well as the rear, this men's bikini underwear is a must-have. Agacio Basics Bikini2. Good Devil Lace: Who doesn't love lace underwear after all? I love how they feel on the skin. On the other hand, Good Devil with lace is a deadly combination. The Good Devil Lace is short boxer briefs made out of 95.58% nylon and 4.42% spandex, that provides full coverage with lace that leaves something and there to the imagination. Good Devil Lace 3. 2xist Speed 2.0 Jockstrap: With micro-perforated mesh on the inside and two rear straps for the ultimate stability and Original Contour Pouch for the manhood support on the outside, 2xist Speed 2.0 men's jockstrap underwear is a sheer delight to the male anatomy as well as the body. Made for light workouts, this pair is masculine and very sophisticated. 2xist Speed 2.0 Jock strap4. Cover Male Skimpy Thong: Skimpy, sexy and erotic are the words that define Cover Male Skimpy Thong. The elongated pouch of the men's thong underwear holds just what's necessary and leaves even inside of the thigh cuts for the show. You can call it more or less Brazilian cut, but it is actually not. Skimpier than that, it is high on visibility as well as on the comfort level. Cover Male Skimpy Thong5. Daniel Alexander G-string: The'oh so soft' brand Daniel Alexander gives priority to the feeling rather than the looks and that's exactly what this piece is all about. The respective men's g-string underwear by the label is all about moisture-wicking features and tiny triangular pouch in the front with a bare rear. With such minimal fabric, comfort sweeps its way down there. Daniel Alexander G-stringThese are the best and most comfortable pairs available in the inventory. However, the list doesn't end here because the inventory has a plethora of options. You can choose something that matches your comfort level at Mensuas.
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4 comments on Top 5 comfortable underwear for men
  • Marcus Leo
    Marcus LeoAugust 29, 2016

    I have a G-string underwear in my collection, but I haven’t used it yet. Can anyone tell which is the ideal occasion for the inauguration of my g-string? Can I wear them during workouts?

  • Julio Mccray
    Julio MccrayAugust 25, 2016

    I have tried all these underwear by now. Personally my favorite is the Basic bikini of Agacio. The blend of style and functionality that it gives to the wearer is just commendable. The brand offers this style in many exotic color combinations that has actually brightened up my entire wardrobe.

  • Harrison Allen
    Harrison AllenJuly 06, 2016

    I don’t really think too much before buying undergarments. In fact, I don’t even know the name of the type of underwear I am using as of now. However, one thing I am sure of is that they are not at all comfortable. I think I need a change. This time I will keep the above point in mind and shop a bit more carefully.

  • Liam Wright
    Liam WrightJuly 01, 2016

    I have been using boxers for quite some time. But after seeing such variety of underwears, I think it is now time for me to switch to a new one. The thong and jock string looks good for me to consider a change.

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