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Sunday Breakfast Mission wants New Underwear for the Needy

After providing thousands of men, women and children shelter, food and other basic necessities, the Sunday Breakfast Mission has introduced a new drive called Care-Ware that aims to provide the residents as well as the community with new underwear and other underneath articles. The goal of this mission is to collect 10,000 men's, women's and children's undergarments by Easter. Undergarments include underwear, undershirts, shower shoes and anything that calls for the underneath necessity for a human being. The first of its kind, the Director of Projects and Development for the Wilmington shelter, Mark Doherty mentioned that "it is a matter of dignity to wear clean undergarments". In addition, he also explained that "it all began when he heard mothers feeling desperate for changing their kid's soiled underwear as well as men longed for a new pair after they took a bath after many days."

Though the goal might be set to provide as many undergarments as possible till Easter (16th April 2017) but the drive will continue to go on the entire year because the need for such items is constant.

The people at the mission not only encourage you to donate but motivate you to have a drive where a lot of products can be collected at once and can be dropped at Sunday Breakfast Mission.

If you are interested in donating the new pair of underwear from sizes for infants till XXXL, you can visit the website, or call (302) 652-8314 ext. 172 to get in touch with the authority.

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