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Something About Your Underwear (Part-2)

In the last blog we had talked about some rare facts of men's underwear and this blog is in continuation of the same. Here also we'll be talking about some of facts that are unheard by you and are not talked about. Let us look at the next set of "something" about your men's designer underwear.

Changing priorities.

Earlier when men knew less about their basic clothing apparels; comfort and covering were the top priorities but gradually the focus was drifting to comfort, style, fit and lift. Where comfort is still most wanted and looked for; style, fit and lift came in essential features which are needed by the modern male anatomy.

The low sperm count.

You all must have heard about the fact that by wearing men's brief underwear, one might face the problem of lower sperm count. However, no one has ever talked about the solution to it except asking to avoid wearing it. Practically, it is not briefs that are the problem here are the tight apparels that causes heat in the private that causes low sperm count. Hence, one should avoid tight briefs and go for softer fabric blends and brands like Agacio or any other.

Underwear cost.

Are you one of those who believe that all great pairs of men's exotic underwear are expensive? Then you must certainly look at the Mensuas catalog; where the starting price of a pair is $6. The best part is-- it is branded. Some of us spend huge amounts to get that perfect pair which makes us feel exceptionally good down there but that is not right. When there are options to go for less expensive pairs without compromising with the fit, style and comfort; one must make the decision carefully.


You must have seen guys with falling pants nowadays. They actually think it is fashionable and no one knows where the trend came from. In reality, the trend came from the prisoners in U.S. who actually wore saggy pants in order to allure the other inmates. In order to fulfill their sexual desires, they pleased the other guys and flaunted their men's fashion underwear. I'm sure you didn't see this coming!


You must have heard about doctors advising both the sexes to regularly change their underwear. This, unlike the boxer brief underwear research is true. Every guy should stock up their drawer in order to change undergarments every day. One can get really bad fungal or bacterial infections by wearing the same pair for two consecutive days. You must wear only after washing them. I hope these facts would be helpful to make your general knowledge better as well as have healthy, hygienic privates. Do let us know in the comments your reviews about the blog and check out for the new arrivals. More Stories:

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