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Something About Your Underwear (Part-1)

You must have known about the in's and out's of your men's underwear and this blog is dedicated to all you guys who are passionate about their underwear, as much as your outer clothes. There are always things that you might overlook when it comes to underwear apparel and we'll be bringing to light some of those missed observations. Let's look at some of the essential things you should know about your men's fashion underwear. 1- First form of underwear. Any guesses? You might have read in hundreds of articles and as mentioned in Wikipedia that the oldest form of basic clothing was a mere loincloth which was dated back to almost 7000 years ago. 2- When was the first brief introduced? The first pair of men's brief underwear was introduced by the iconic brand Jockey in the year 1935. Since then, briefs have been a part of our lives and our drawers. 3- When to go commando and when not to? Practically going commando is never a great idea (as I mentioned in my earlier blog) but if looking that specifics; one must avoid going commando during the rainy summer time months. Rains and summers heat provides the perfect storm to your private parts to experience chafing and sweating. The outcome can be disastrous, so avoid doing so altogether. 4- Did you know that research done by experts showed that 42% men prefer wearing briefs and the second place is an average of 25% of guys go for men's boxer briefs. It is also noted that bachelors change their underwear less often than the married men. Food for thought! 5- Thong underwear. Started off as a taboo, but eventually men's thong underwear has gained a lot of popularity all over the years and throughout the world. Said to be introduced in 1939 for nude dancers; it covered their privates and gave a lot exposure on the rear. Eventually, it became an acceptable men's sexy underwear style and is worn by both the sexes all over the world. The above mentioned facts might or might not be known to you but, now you know. However, there are many other facts that will be presented for you in the next blog. Till then, keep shopping at and do let us know any facts that you think everyone else should also know about their men's designer underwear. Read Also:

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