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Play Run and Chase with Miami Jock Inmate Costume

We all know that our lives run on motives. Motives to achieve, gain, win, play and tease are some of the many that keep us going. Miami Jock Inmate Costume has a naughty factor attached to it. The costume features a men's boxer brief underwear and some playful accessories. The fabric composition of 86% polyester and 14% spandex provides a bigger room for stretch with ample comfort.

About the product

Miami Jock Inmate costume features an erotic boxer brief with bar-like openings on the pouch. What clicks your mind on the first look is that the prisoner is behind the bars peeping outside for that perfect moment to escape. The playful accessories include a pair of handcuffs to make the action more intense and sensuous; a prisoner hat to actually make you feel like a prisoner.


  • Concept: The unique and innovative concept of the sexy underwear costume gives me goose bumps when I think of wearing it and getting prepared for some action with my partner. The actual feeling of a prisoner would give her the right to command over me.
  • Design: The prisoner black and white stripes on the exotic underwear as well as on the hat look outstanding and very unique. The contoured pouch with strap openings is naughty yet enhancing.
  • Comfort: Though the designer underwear costume has a lot to offer, it does not compromise on the level of comfort it provides to the male anatomy. The fabric incorporated is apt for breathability, comfort with a lot of stretch. Probably the amount of spandex is more than other products due to the involvement of leg movement and running around hiding from the police.
The product gave no cons for us to highlight. The perfect counterpart of the men's underwear costume is the Police Officer Costume. Wear I the handcuffs according to the need of the hour as well as however you want. You just need to be a little more imaginative. Shop for the costumes and also others at for discounted prices.

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