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People Who Should Not Shop At Mensuas

Mensuas owes its existence to you – the guys who believe in keeping their men's underwear as a passion and not a mere necessity. We, at Mensuas, work very hard to provide the best experience to our valued customers and also provide a fully functional platform to complete the buying-selling experience. However, there are people who should not shop at the men's underwear online store. Let us look at the characteristic traits of people who should not shop at Mensuas.


Not every guy is dispassionate about their men's fashion underwear, but guys who are - should not shop at the online store. The store is for men who believe that their basic clothing is a part of'clothing', it might be small and unseen, but makes the physique look good.

Who uses unauthorized financial credentials:

One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is that anyone can shop with someone else's debit card/credit card/net banking account. Doing this a heinous crime for which you can be punished. It's also identity thief and is the biggest crime in America.

Who wears any style for any occasion:

Like the earlier times, when men had limited options in terms of styles; they wore the same pair to work-then to the after party- and lastly to the bedroom. It is not the same today; you have numerous options - one for every scenario. Be more aware about the styles like - men's brief underwear are perfect for workplaces while, men's bikinis or men's thongs are great for partying and romantic date nights.

Bogus Claims:

Abusing our customer friendly principles & processes results in inconvenience for our genuine customers. For example, people who claim that they did not receive the product or the box was delivered empty; it results in a problematic situation for our credibility and also our delivery services. Don't cheat. We have a very efficient and accurate system in place for order fulfillment. We don't send empty boxes! These were some of the people who should not shop at Mensuas. Rest assured that your trust is our most valuable asset and we will do whatever it takes to protect that trust. Mensuas appreciates you, the Underwear aficionado and we value the business you do with us daily!

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2 thoughts on “People Who Should Not Shop At Mensuas

  1. avatar Adken Griffin says:

    A purely information-based blog and that’s what makes it so different from others. Such people are a shame and should not have the right to shop from any store. Thanks for the sharing the info though!

  2. avatar Wiiliam Lam says:

    A very interesting blog indeed! I loved the way the people who should not shop were mentioned, but don’t you think there can be more people who should be mentioned in here? A little more research would have been better.

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