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More New Male Power Has Arrived At Mensuas

Male Power recently launched its new men's underwear collection at Mensuas. The entire range is about the fun fashion, manly appeal, luxurious feel and comfort. The brand dedicated this collection to all the guys who think that their men's underwear is an important part of their dressing up. Let us look at the various styles offered in the catalog.

Male Power Underwear Styles:

1. Male Power Family Jewels Sapphire Thong:

A treat to your manhood, the Family Jewels Sapphire thong is delectable, enhancing and supportive. Made for both fashion and function, these men's thong underwear is must have. Male Power Family Jewels Sapphire Thong

2. Male Power School Boy Micro Thong:

These are for the guys who play harder after the hard day work. Made for some fun time in the bedroom, these thongs for men remind you of your school uniform (though this is just a part of it).Male Power School Boy Micro Thong

3. Male Power School Boy Jockstrap:

These men's jockstrap underwear by the label is from the School Boy category with a lot more support and protection down there.Male Power School Boy Jock These are the new arrivals at offered by Male Power.

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