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Low Rise Underwear- Why you should Slip in?

Have you ever asked yourself why men go crazy about low rise underwear? You must have heard a lot about low waist jeans because of the trend that called for the half-butt-naked style that hanged the denim very low. However, when it comes to men's underwear, it is always better to have something that rides low rather than rides up every time you bend. Unless it is a tummy tucker or shaping apparel.

What exactly is Low rise underwear?

Low Rise Underwear is referred to a category of men's underwear that features a U-shaped cut. Just like the Boat Neck Cut in women apparels. The U-shaped pieces have a slanted cut in the front and back whereas; the sides are a little higher. This being just the introduction of the category, why would men still want to slip into them? That's exactly what this blog talks about!! Let us look at the reasons below.

It doesn't ride up

As mentioned in the introduction, low rise bikinis or other fashion underwear styles have the capability to ride low on the waistline. With the u-shaped cut, it allows you indulge in the various activities including jumping, bending, stretching, and much more while the designer underwear stays low. Especially with low waist jeans, this category works better.

It doesn't add stress to your belly

You must have had a pair of regular undergarment that sat on the natural waistline, tenaciously hurts your skin. No one likes that kind of waistbands but consider them because they don't ride up. However, if you opt for the conventionally modern low rise briefs, you wouldn't face the problem of the waistband adding stress to your stomach.

To stay with the trend

Low rise products are the next big thing that men look forward to after sheer underwear or male thongs. Why?? Well, probably because of the functionally sound design and the undying support the pieces provide to the male anatomy. The conventional ones also added support, but they were not as prudent as these ones are.

You can flaunt your tattoo well

There are very few daring personalities who have the courage to get tattoos made in the most secretive places. However, they find it difficult to flaunt it to the best of their ability. Low rise products also allow them to show off what they have down there in the best way possible. Do you think we missed something? Do let us know below!! Related Stories:

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