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How to remove stains from your underwear?

Being men is not a very easy task and women don't seem to understand the fact that we have a lot to do with little time in hand. Out of all the petty jobs, we have in hand, is washing clothes. The other day my mother asked me to wash my clothes myself and I ended up ruining a lot of them because of my mistakes. I soaked them up together, including the whites, pastels, men's underwear and the delicate ones. Eventually, I had entangled strings, clinging hooks, faded color and colorful whites. So practically I ruined it all. The saddest I felt in my underneath fashion and I decided to learn from mistakes. Stains are not the worst part of life, but when others stare at it, it gets messy. So, I figured out things and would like you also to prevent your passionate fashion underwear from being good as new even after you stain it badly. Make sure you have gloves on your hands to keep them from getting affected (if you have skin allergies or your skin is very sensitive). One of my roommates had this problem that whenever he washed clothes, he used to get red patches all over the hands that came in contact with the detergent. He started wearing gloves and it helped him avoid the marks. So, you can also be careful!

Apply baking soda

Easily available in the market, or if you cook at home, you'll find baking soda with ease. Sprinkle the baking soda generously all over the stain and add a few drops of water. Let it stay till the powder turns into a paste. For that, you have to slowly roll your finger over it.

Rub gently

Keep it soft on the pairs, whether it's cotton or something more delicate like sheer underwear or lace. Guys underwear is the most delicate piece of clothing that need special care. So, make sure that you rub gently over the stained surface. Shop more lace underwear here.

Flip and do the same

Once you're done with one side of the underwear, flip it and do the same.

Rinse it

Do not let the baking soda stay on the fabric for a long while because it might loosen the threads.

Wash it

Now you can wash it with the other apparel styles. This applies to the every style, from briefs to barely-there g-strings or the fashionable jockstraps. Repeat the process if the stain doesn't go away with one wash. Hence, your favorite pair would as good as new. Stories You May Like:

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3 thoughts on “How to remove stains from your underwear?

  1. avatar Wille Clark says:

    There is one more way to remove the stain from your underwear. Just add detergent in water and leave your underwear to soak in the mixture the entire night. In the morning when you wake up, rinse it once or twice and the stain will be removed. This is what I do with my boxers and briefs. Soak the underwear or any cloth for that matter that has stain, for few hour and the stain will vanish automatically.

  2. avatar Earl Hill says:

    I had two underwears that I was able to use as it had stain. After reading this blog I tried to remove the stain in the same way and fortunately, my underwears became usable again.

  3. avatar Martina Joe says:

    I don’t like stain in my clothes, this is why, I avoid using white clothes and underwears. They are prone to stain and I am too lazy to wash it away. I would rather prefer to get a new one for myself than removing the stain.

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