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Have you busted these Myths about Columbus Day yet?

We are busting some Columbus Day myths this year. Columbus Day did not start until it became a U.S. national holiday in 1937. Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America.  There are much...

Columbus Day in 2022 is quickly approaching, and I thought you all may enjoy the long weekend that will follow. GLAD about it? You ought to be concerned since the federal holiday, which falls on October 9 this year, has many flaws.

Numerous urban legends have persisted regarding the occasion, which is thought to be commemorated in honor of Christopher Columbus' arrival and discovery of America in the year 1492. Well, this is a myth as well! Did you realize that?

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When discussing myths, it's critical to keep the notions simple, whether the subject is one's own life, career, or even the nation. It is now time to dispel some Columbus Day falsehoods that have led you down the road of the Illuminati.

Columbus Was Never Able to Set Foot on American Soil

Columbus was not the first person to set foot on American soil because of the collapse of all teaching. In actuality, Christopher Columbus was never able to reach the nation itself.


Leif Erickson entered first, yet he never set foot in America when it came to Columbus. He set up camp and continued his voyage in the Bahamas.

Columbus Misrepresented the Indigenous People

You would despise them for being so unfriendly and terrible if you read the extracts from how Columbus described the native people or the Native Arawaks in January 1493. In actuality, they were mistreated as slaves by the Columbus crew. The people were forced to perform all of the laborious tasks for their crewmates while being treated as nothing more than dog chow. They threw them for their own good after violently killing them.

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False: Only Americans Celebrate Columbus Day

You may believe that Columbus Day, which is observed on the second Monday of every October, is a federal holiday that is only observed in the United States. However, many other nations throughout the world also commemorate Columbus.

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The Latin American countries commemorate the same event as Dia de la Raza to mark the blending of Native American and European cultures. The "National Day" is observed in Spain, although Columbia takes its name from the same occasion.

While on His Mission, Columbus Was Detained and Sent Back to Spain

In 1500, the then-Governor detained Columbus after hearing about how he and his crew had treated the Hispaniolan populace, mismanaged the island, and generally behaved badly.

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Columbus was exiled from the region and transported in chains back to Spain. How unfortunate he was.

Columbus Only Made One Journey, but He Returned Wealthy

Despite returning from the Caribbean four times with riches, Columbus actually perished in poverty.

The First Person to Discover the New World Was Columbus

You should look again if you still believe that Christopher Columbus was the first person to visit the New World. There were already Europeans and Africans living in various areas of America. The Iberian peninsula's fishermen and European Vikings ultimately entered the picture. Christopher Columbus was the last person to discover the New World following them.

1893 painting of Christopher Columbus landing in New World

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