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Daniel Alexander Products Review

If you just check out the video you'll know what the entire thing is all about. I just recently browsed through YouTube and came across this video which talks about the brand Daniel Alexander on a whole, plus two of its recommended men's underwear that is both exotic and very functional by nature. The man in the video started talking by telling how the two pieces landed with him and he's supposed to review them. Daniel Alexander products are made in Columbia and are inspired by the Colombian prints. The first product that the video talks about is the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz Bikini Framed Print. The string bikini by the label incorporates a colorful mix of red, purple, white, yellow and other colors in the square-shaped print. Sexy underwear also has a black colored piping/trimming on all the edges which continue to become the elastic waistband. Being a string pair, the pouch in the front has a little bulge that gives you visibility and the coverage in the rear is more of the Brazilian style. The next product reviewed in the video is the Daniel Alexander Psychedelic Thong Sexy Classic Grey. Probably one of the tiniest thong underwear you'd see, this product has a narrow front that holds the manhood for a bolder visibility leaving the sides (of the manhood) for the show. The anatomical pouch is great for a bigger bulge. The rear is conventionally skimpy and very showy. Both the exotic underwear styles are made with 91% polyester and 9% spandex which provides you the freedom that you can wear them as underwear or even as men's swimwear. Check out the products at and send your reviews in the comments below. Related Stories:

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Alexander Products Review

  1. avatar Marvin Cox says:

    Thong is my all time favorite underwear. No matter what the brand is, I don’t use anything other than thong. Good to see the review of thongs of Daniel Alexander. It will be fun to use the ‘tiniest thong’. However, other products of the brand is also tempting. Let’s see if I make up my mind to change my style.

  2. avatar Juan Kelly says:

    One of my friend recommended Daniel Alexander. I was a bit hesitant in using them but this article has increased my confidence. I will definitely give it a try once. This is news to me that the string bikinis come in so many colors. I have seen so many colors elsewhere. This is the first time that I am trying a bikini underwear. Hopefully, this brand will not let me down.

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