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Are you too old for Men's Panties?

  Age is just a number!! Isn't it a strange feeling when someone tells you that you've come of age? You have been working really hard to keep yourself looking...

Are you too old for Men's Panties?


Age is just a number!!

Isn't it a strange feeling when someone tells you that you've come of age? You have been working really hard to keep yourself looking young by using various products that must be used after the age of 30 and doing everything that it takes to slow down the process.

I had this friend who came up to me when I was organizing my drawer and he's like- "you still wear this stuff? Aren't you a little off the age bar where you can wear this?" I told him that there's no age to do anything and one can wear what he wants whenever he wants to.

While we were discussing this and I was busy doing my stuff in the cupboard, one of the panties fell out of the closet and that friend had so many doubts on his face about that pair. Without wasting a second, he just triggered off- like seriously??

I couldn't stop laughing and then had to share my thoughts all over again with him.

But have you ever thought the same and pulled backhand from experiencing something extraordinary? If you did, you shouldn't anymore, because men's panties are meant to be indulged into and felt.

Why so??


There's no age for experiencing the comfort

Men's PantiesDid anyone say anything about comfort being age restricted? Comfort in your men's underwear is something that every man needs day-in-day-out. Panties are apparel styles known for the comfort providing the feel and the way they pamper the manhood and the adjacent area is what every man deserves.

Who doesn't like it sleek underneath?

Romantic Evening Is there any particular time for you to wear panties? Certainly not!! You can wear them for your romantic evenings for sure but there are times when you want to stay in touch with your basics and that's exactly when these pairs help you out. From the fashion underwear styles like sleek briefs, the collection has an array of products in male thongs or bikini briefs and more. Keep it sleek with these under your formal wear or the casuals.

Sex appeal enhancement is an essential trait

Sex appeal enhancement In today's time, if you aren't feeling sexy about yourself, others would not do it for you. Now, you need to think sexy of yourself and make arrangements in looking the same. When you look and feel sexy, the bar of sex appeal will certainly go up and when this happens- it doesn't harm anyone. In fact, your enhanced sex appeal will attract spectators and will leave everyone guessing for your secret.

You'll feel you're 17 Again

17 Again The movie 17 Again was one of my favorites because that Mike aka Zac Efron got to live his teenage all over again and rectify his mistakes. I wish I could do that too! However, I don't waste time doing what I could have done a few years back and you too should feel young by doing these small yet fashionable things. Men's lingerie definitely makes you feel young and sexy (obviously).

Opt for a change

Men's Panties

In order to get the attention you deserve, you really need to change and constantly change (after a certain time span) or things get boring. If you are seeking a change this time around, what can be a better option than having panties for yourself? They'll provide everything from sex appeal, sensuality to comfort and luxurious appeal to your personality.

So, are you up for it? Feel young or else you would definitely go old.

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  • ebenzerdexterthe28th
    ebenzerdexterthe28thMarch 17, 2018

    i love hot men in underwear with big buldges and biknie un derwear real men can even wear sexy comferterble womens panties as long as they are hot and musculer i love to ask men what kind of underwear they wear real hot good looking confedent men who are not afraid can talk about what kind of underwear they wear tha tis a hot real sexy good lookinjg confident man has to be on the outside as well as the inside coltonshanelucas490billion trillion

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