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All About Padded Underwear

Let's face the fact that who doesn't want to look fuller and curvy? Everyone does! Men's padded underwear came as the savior for those guys who thought their appearance was not up to the mark and had low self-esteem because of their lean stature. These men's enhancing underwear serves one of two purposes; they protect the male anatomy as well as make them look a little bulky-- where it is needed the most. In some cases, these products may actually serve both purposes. If a man feels like his manhood or his reputation is at stake, it only makes sense to invest in these undergarments. 


  1. They target the places where you want them to either suppress or enhance. For example, butts, legs, thighs, abdomen and sometimes the whole upper body as well.
  2. They are a temporary way to get rid of cellulite from the body.
  3. They are supportive and take full control of the upright body postures while you are in them.
  4. Can be worn under any kind of clothing be it fitted formals, casuals, or anything else.
  5. Not worn by most men for the cause of protection (lack of awareness); these undergarments can be used in times of sports to safeguard your boy from getting hurt. Thus, they again save you from the hurt and the embarrassment.


Padded apparels are available at Mensuas in a wide variety from men's boxer brief underwear, girdles, men's brief underwear, ball lifters, butt enhancers and more. However, you need not go for full coverage ones if you only seek some fillers in the butts. Choose wisely before buying.

An Alternative

People pay a huge amount of money to get the enhancement done to a certain body part. Some might even go for liposuction to get the extra pounds off their body. But the point is, why do we need to spend so much money on something that has no guarantee? Although, padded undergarments are also temporary but they are not that expensive either. Choosing a flattening tank top is always better than paying double your salary in going under the knife.


  1. They can make you feel stuck. It may seem counterintuitive that something that is supposed to make you look and feel better actually does the opposite, but when you have to squeeze, shimmy and suck yourself into shapewear. It is because of the rigid structure of the apparel that makes you stay in one position in order to look perfect.
  2. They can upset your stomach. Shapewear for the stomach puts so much pressure on the midsection that in some men it can actually cause acid reflux or an upset stomach.
  3. Breathing problems. If your shapewear is too restrictive, you may have trouble breathing properly. An extremely tight garment squeezes the lungs, causing your lungs to have difficulty expanding enough to take in a proper amount of oxygen.
However, these are only for apparels that are used for suppressing a body part and not enhancing them.


Be careful of the size you go for while picking up the engineered apparel. If the size is appropriate, you'll have a great experience of the same whereas if the wrong size will give you a lot of trouble. Mensuas has some of the most unique enhancers as well as suppressors by brands like Intymen, WildmanT, Rufskin and more. Do let us know what your idea about padded underwear in the comments section is below and check out the functional assortment at Read Also:

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