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6 Stereotypes when it comes to Men's Pouch Underwear

When it comes to underneath articles, men prefer sticking to the same style and cut. The reason being there are some of the myths and stereotypes that the guys haven't...

6 Stereotypes when it comes to Men's Pouch Underwear

When it comes to underneath articles, men prefer sticking to the same style and cut. The reason being there are some of the myths and stereotypes that the guys haven't put to rest. Despite the availability of new and fresh styles, some of the men are still using conventional undies. The pouch underwear is one such men's underwear style that is subjected to a lot of misconceptions. Some of these are debunked below. Check them out and make sure that you are on-trend.

Intymen Pouch Underwear

#1 Enhancement is just for women

The common belief that 'men don't care about their underwear' is not applicable anymore. Similarly, things like 'enhancement is just for the ladies' and 'men do not require anything of this sort' is way too conventional. Looks and alluring personality are as important for men as it is for the ladies. Most men restrict themselves from trying these undies because they think that wearing such a style will compromise their masculinity. So, if you think the same way, then, you need to rethink it. The frontal enhancement is not just important from the style perspective, but have practical use as well. The elevation of the genital reduces squashing and sweating. This cuts down the skin issues that are the aftereffects of moisture retention. So, get over the myths and stay in line with the trend.

#2 Every pouch underwear has a c-ring contraption

Yes, there are some of the underwear that is designed with the inbuilt c-ring contraption. Intymen is one such designer of men's underwear that offers this hidden secret in their undies. However, not every pouch of underwear has c-rings. The anatomically-correct pouch of the skivvies offers gentle elevation to the package. Keeping the junk bundled in the front, these underneath apparel provides natural-looking enhancement. The c-rings cuts down the blood flow and hence should not be used for long. However, men's pouch underwear has no such drawbacks and can be used be for any occasions and events.

Intymen Pouch Underwear

#3 These undies are revealing

The pouch enhancement underwear is available in varied cuts and styles. Right from the traditional boxers and briefs to the aesthetically modern thongs for men and bikini underwear, you can procure your piece in any style. Hence, not every piece is revealing. The amount of the skin it reveals depends on the cut that you choose. Some of the undies in this category are crafted in sheer and mesh fabric that allows a bit of skin show, but not every piece. So, if this is the factor that is restricting you from trying them, then, you need to delve into the inventory. You can now wear them without the fear of extra skin show.

#4 Pouch underwear have pads in them

This is the greatest myth when it comes to this style of men's underwear. There are a lot of options available in the category of enhancement underwear for men. The padded underwear is one of them, but not every apparel have pads in them. As mentioned above, the enhancement is due to the anatomical construction of the pouch. There are no pads in the pouch and is an easier way to get the attention you deserve. It is the genital elevation that brings about visible frontal accentuation. Cover Male Pouch Underwear

#5 They lead to medical issues

Most men tend to almost every aspect related to their underwear with fertility. This is the reason why modern undies like men's thong and g-strings are still taboo. Even the pouch underwear are subjected to the same misconception. It turns out, these undies are a much practical option as far as the health of the wearer is concerned. As discussed earlier, the pouch of these skivvies keeps the genital away from the body. It is the abrasion that increases the temperature of the crotch. The overheating of testicles reduces the sperm count and leads to infertility. Reducing the abrasion, these undies reduces heat generation and thus cuts down the risk of genital problems. Not only this, it even reduces sweat secretion, rashes, and itchiness. Hence, it actually is a practical option when it comes to below the belt problems.

#6 They are designed to be worn on special occasions only

Available in varied cuts and with contouring pouch, this underwear can be worn on every occasion when you need frontal accentuation. There is no specific event for wearing anything of this sort. The practical approach makes it a much better option for long working hours. The personality enhancement is ideal for date nights and the skimpy cuts in some of the pieces are a great alternative for going commandos.

Have you started using the pouch enhancement already instead of going with risky surgeries? If not, then, now is the ideal time! and Was this write-up helpful? Share your views in the comment below.

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