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5 Ways low rise underwear makes your life better

The low-rise style refers to the clothing that sits low below the natural waistline and just above the hips of the wearer. This term is applied to all the garments...

5 Ways low rise underwear makes your life better

The low-rise style refers to the clothing that sits low below the natural waistline and just above the hips of the wearer. This term is applied to all the garments that are worn below the belt, that is, the wearer's crotch area. This term is mostly used for denim, as in low rise jeans. However, there is low rise underwear available as well. As per Wikipedia, low rise fashion gained popularity in the early 1990s. This is was the time when low rise undies like men's briefs and bikini underwear came into existence to be paired with jeans and trousers.

One of the most interesting facts shared by Wikipedia is that low rise clothing is banned in some countries. The sagging jeans have always raised eyebrows of the fashion connoisseurs. However, unlike clothing, the low rise undies turned out to be a functional undergarment for men. This is the reason, it still remains a staple in the wardrobe of every style-conscious men. Do you wanna know the reason for its popularity? Here are some of the ways in which this style of men's underwear makes your life better. Check them out.

Reduces sagging

Reduces sagging One of the reasons why low rise jeans were not considered decent was the fact that the visible waistband of the underwear was disgusting for some. However, the waistband would pop out of any trouser if you wear the high-rise undies. This undergarment style helps you get rid of this prominent problem. Sitting way below the waistline, it allows you to wear any sort of pants. Even the skimpy cuts of men's thongs or g-string that feature thin waistband is a solution for this problem. But you can't wear it every occasion. Thus, the low rise briefs and boxers are ideal for every body-conscious man.

Lets you slip in the low rise jeans

Lets you slip in the low rise jeans No matter what people say, the low rise jeans are one the coolest thing that has happened to men's fashion. But let us face the truth, no one prefers to see your underwear. Should you stop wearing your favorite pair of denim now? Not necessarily! The low rise underwear allows you to slip in the college style without the risk of looking indecent. So, whether you are a working professional or a school going chap, you can explore the options of fashion and wear whatever you want to.

Prevents you from getting a wedgie

Prevents you from getting a wedgie Have you ever felt something pulling your entire package up? That's your underwear. The high rise undies are sometimes responsible for giving you a wedgie. This was a common problem in the traditional boxer shorts that would bunch and ride up. This is another area where the low rise skivvies score higher than the conventional styles. The waistband of the low rise briefs and boxer shorts sit in a convenient position and prevent such situations. Whether you're sitting at your workplace or working out at the gym, these undies can keep you cozy all day long.

Doesn't restrict movement

Doesn't restrict movement Do the fear of underwear sneaking out of your trouser while you bend down makes you conscious? The low rise underwear is a perfect solution for you. The underwear designers have understood the need for an undergarment that doesn't restrict the movement. The low rise fit to bend, stretch and do stuff like that in public. Gone are the days when it was just the responsibility of the ladies. Even the gentlemen are expected to project a sophisticated and decent personality. Thus, taking care of your undergarment is a must. These skivvies offer the right amount of coverage and will not show.

Flaunts your chiseled abs

Flaunts your chiseled abs

You spend hours sweating in the gym. What is the use of the hard-earned six-pack abs if you hide it behind your clothing. As mentioned above, these skivvy styles sit way just above the hips of the wearer. Hence, it allows you to flaunt your chiseled abs without letting the underwear spoil the show. These undies are available in all classic cuts like boxers, boxer briefs, and men's briefs. So, it can suit the taste bud and personality of every individual. Wear it and show off how hard you've been working in the gym.

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