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5 Style Lessons You Should Learn

In the age of perfection it is very important to know how to choose what dress to go for as well as the art of dressing right. There are many...

In the age of perfection it is very important to know how to choose what dress to go for as well as the art of dressing right. There are many celebrities who time after time provide styling tips, but are they even meant for you? Well if you see them doing right, there's no harm in going for the available options. However, there are certain things that you must remember. This blog talks about the 5 styles lessons that you must learn and these will help you lead a stylish and impressive lifestyle. 1. Tried and tested outfits are always the best You must have heard it somewhere that experimentation is good but stick to the tried and tested outfits when in doubt. In a gathering of some friends, some of them put forward their views which made me realize that experimenting in important situations is not a very good idea. Though there are chances of excelling, but what happens when you don't do it right? Hence, formal dress shirt, formal trousers and the matching accessories is the right way. 2. Know what suits you Every man is different and if something suits me doesn't mean that it'll suit you too. Hence, make sure what kind of personality as well as the physical features you have and then opt for men's clothing. For example, if you are someone who loves mens underwear pouch brief; you won't be able to feel comfortable with mens microfiber thong at once. The reason behind it is that you love fabric and support and the thong will not provide you the same. 3. Opt for classy rather than blindly following the trend Men will be men because they'll always prefer to be in their comfort zone when it comes to clothing (unlike females who believe that tacky is fashion). Earlier this week I asked one of my colleagues the reason behind his style (I kind of try to copy him but fail) and he promptly answered that he keeps it basic and classy rather than running after trends. I was quite amazed by the fact. When researched the internet I found a lot of men who have nothing to do with the trend, but keep it classy. 4. Invest in the best When you only keep a core wardrobe built around a few simple items, you better make sure the pieces you do own are of the right quality to speak for themselves. Quality will always lift a simple look into something much more than the sum of its parts. For example, many fashion brands that are popular than the others offer clothing articles that are simple and sophisticated, unlike the ones that work mostly on the looks or designs. Same is the case with men's fashion underwear; you must invest in quality rather than quantity. 5. Maintain the shape As you grow older, you tend to overlook the fact the skin has begun to sag and you've started to gain weight. It is always advised well that you eat well and stay healthy (both body and mind). But being in shape and keeping the spare tire off is simply the best way to make clothes hang better and create a more youthful impression. These lessons once learnt will go a long way in terms of fashion and health. From the basic men's underwear to your other outfit articles, everything is counted when it comes to dressing well. Choose the best intimate apparel styles from mensuas.com that keeps you stylish and classy from within. More Stories:
2 comments on 5 Style Lessons You Should Learn
  • Carter Scott
    Carter ScottApril 20, 2016

    I do not agree with the trend aspect mentioned in the blog. I prefer to make sure that I stay trendy and follow every fashion update. However, the rest information is worth the read and adapting to. I believe that trend is not what you should leave, but having a balance of both classy as well as trendy articles completes the look.

  • Jose Brown
    Jose BrownApril 18, 2016

    This is one of the best blogs that I read here. It subtly sums up the entire know and how of the style and men’s fashion. I read some broken parts of this unified blog at some places, but this brings a clearer picture to the foreground. The best point that I liked in the blog was to invest in the best. It clearly means that investing in cheaper products would help you go nowhere but the original ones go a long way. Thanks for the blog!

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