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Men's Thong Underwear Types

Men's Thong Underwear Types
We have talked a lot about mens underwear styles that the industry provides the male populace. Well, out of all the fashion underwear styles, men have their own preferences when it comes to improving their personal style but it took some time for men to understand that mens thong underwear is here to stay. It has been a few decades that mens thongs have been introduced and men have started to accept the sexy underwear style with open arms.
You must all be very well aware of the sexy men's thong underwear and have a fair idea about the time when the occasion demands a flawlessly, handsome attire that reveals nothing than your toned physique. Originally, considered to be the women's novelty, mens thongs might have been one of the oldest men's underwear styles. The thongs for men are available in a variety that differs in terms of coverage, waistband, and various fabrics matching different personalities. Men have been wearing thong underwear types for thousands of years. Sumo wrestlers wear an item that resembles a thong called a 'mawashi', while men from other cultures have worn mens thongs for personal support for centuries.
Let us look at the various thong underwear types and styles of thongs for men available today.

Mens Thongs:

The conventional thong underwear for men features a pouch at the front for support (optional) that connects via a string to the rear of the waistband. This design leaves the butt exposed but still manages to cover the butt crack. When compared to mens g-string underwear, the traditional thong underwear for men is considered to be more modest.

Mens G-strings:

Men's G-strings are one of the sexiest ways to go minimal under any kind of clothes. These thongs for men are skimpy, revealing and considered to be highly erotic underwear style. Originally they were worn by exotic dancers, but have since gained enormous popularity among men for the sensuous and sexy appeal. Daniel Alexander Men's Underwear | Mensuas

T-back thongs for men:

Somewhat like mens g-strings, T-back thong underwear has a V-shaped pouch that covers the privates, with a string that passes between the legs and attaches to the thin waistband.

Mens C-strings:

Did you really think that g-string underwear was the sexiest apparel style known to man? If you did, you're mistaken. Men's C-string is the most daring line of sexy underwear for men that will definitely grab your attention and drop your jaw. The construction is like a headband that tucks down there without any support. The front of the C is more like a funnel that inserts the manhood and the rest is more like a flexible band that passes through the buttocks and rests on the hip line.


Tanga can also be called as the Brazilian cut rides low on the waist and covers more flesh on both front and rear than any of the other thong underwear. You can call them novelty underwear because you don't want to wear them every day and spoil the charm. The cuts on the sides are extremely high to reveal and enhance the muscles of the thighs.

Cheeky Thong underwear:

Cheeky thong underwear for men has a very low waistband and material that passes between the legs, but the back of the mens thong underwear rides high between the buttocks, similar to mens thongs, and is attached to the low waistband at the rear. This results in lots of skin show for a super sexy look.

Micro Thongs for men:

Micro thongs are barely-there exotic underwear that are similar in construction to the chip-cut g-string (women apparel) but is surely manly. The style features a back just like the conventional thongs for men.

Thong underwear types on the basis of fabrics

One cannot only justify thongs for men or any other mens sexy underwear on the basis of the coverage but they can be segregated on the basis of fabrics. The following are the most popular fabrics that you would be able to find in thong underwear for men.

Cotton Thongs for men:

We have talked about the times when mens thong underwear should not be worn and one of those times is definitely the when you're down with some kind of infection. When you are down with an infection, make sure you avoid wearing thongs for men in the first place but even if you don't want to choose any other, cotton mens thongs would be the ideal options. Cotton is the best fabric and we already know that because men prefer cotton underwear. So, you can depend on thong underwear types that are made with the cotton fabric.

Mesh Thong underwear for men:

We already know that you can raise your sex appeal with mens mesh underwear. Think about the time when you club thongs for men with mesh underwear. It would definitely add more worth to your personality - specifically the underneath personality by adding more support, more breathability, and more stability below the belt.

Nylon mens thongs:

There are numerous advantages to having nylon underwear. Clubbing nylon with thongs for men would add more stretch to the pieces with the shimmer and shelf-life which would be beneficial for your personality. The longer the mens thongs go with you, the better for your pocket.

When the idea is to look best without having a lot of fabric all over, one or the other thong underwear types will work for you. Mensuas carries a varied assortment of thongs for men designed for a variety of occasions and needs. Shop your favourite style from popular brands.

All the above mentioned mens thong relatives are similar looking but are exceptionally unique styles in terms of purposes or for suiting the different taste buds. In case you neither like a lot of fabric like mens bikinis nor the skimpiest g-string underwear, you can always go for cheeky thongs for men or tangas for yourself.

Which of these mens thongs have you tried for yourself? Have you seen these many mens underwear variations ever? Do let us know in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Men's Thong Underwear Types

  1. avatar John Smith says:

    Before reading this blog, I really never knew that there are too many types of Thong underwear. Some of the names are even those that I have heard for the first time. I only use Boxer underwear. I would like to purchase some thongs too – the ones that are broader in terms of coverage to start with. 

  2. avatar Logan Brown says:

    I always stick to either conventional thongs or g-strings because the coverage and appeal of these styles is what suits my manhood most. The rest of the styles are great for the future when I would want to experiment with other kinds.

  3. avatar Kevin Moore says:

    The first thing here is I have never heard of so many styles available in men’s thongs. Though some of them seem to collide with kinds available for women, but a fairly written blog with quite a lot of information regarding all the styles. On the other hand, are micro thongs seriously there? I doubt this! But if you are sure about this, please do share an example of the same.

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