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If you're a Mens Thong wearer - You would know these

If you're a Mens Thong wearer - You would know theseEven in today's time when there has been a lot said, written and read about mens thongs, but deciphering how many men look up to the mens underwear style is still something that's very hazy. Though there are numerous advantages of having thongs for men then there are certain things that you have to experience yourself.

Well, I have a lot of friends who have had their own experiences with mens thong underwear and with a conversation with them, I have written this blog. This blog talks about the things that only the mens thong wearers would be able to understand.

Otzi Mens Thong underwear
Mens thong underwear

Scary at first but quite comfortable

The very first feeling of feeling mens thongs in the hands is very scary to be true. Well, the skimpy underwear is so skimpy that you would feel that how would this mens thong underwear fit you? But when you slip into the thongs for men, you would understand the actual feeling. The first bit of moments might be tricky because you're wearing it for the first time but then you'll get used to the feeling and the feeling after that is commendable.

Bending over might be the scariest of the entire mens thongs experience

You know how the back fabric looks like - it is all about the skimpy string-like or slim strap-like back that might ride up the moment you bend over. With my experience, I have had both the good and the bad feeling with these thongs for men. It is all about the size that you pick for yourself. In case the mens thongs are body-hugging, you would definitely find the back fabric riding up but if the same is slightly loose, the feeling would be heavenly for sure. You know what I mean right? Just do not go for an XXL if you are an L. You could opt for an XL so that feeling is neither loose nor too fit.

Agacio mens thong underwear
Mens Thong Underwear

When you run out of other mens underwear styles, mens thongs are always a savior

We all have that moment when we run out of mens underwear styles that we wear on a regular basis. Well, that is the time when you can depend on mens thongs for sure. They are less laundry, skimpy and absolutely comfortable to wear. So, you can just have mens thong underwear and be on your way for the same reason.

How do you feel with mens thongs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “If you're a Mens Thong wearer - You would know these

  1. avatar Dan says:

    I love thongs and wear them most of the time. I feel sexy and enjoy showing them simply by taking a little extra time when getting dressed or undressed at the gym. I like the string backed thong the best, as little cloth coverage as possible. I only wish I looked as good as your models!

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