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Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print perfect for summer

The other day I was just browsing through Mensuas and found the new arrival assortment of men's underwear by Daniel Alexander quite intriguing and amusing. My eye stopped at one of the products that this blog talks about. The name of the product is Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print. At first, the thought that ran through my mind was, why is the name Joy Slip? Does it have any connection with the print or feeling? Out of curiosity, I bought it and the print actually filled my heart with joy and the feel made me slip into it. Made of 91% polyester and 9% elastane, this pouch thong underwear is all about comfort, moisture wicking features as well as the right fit and stretch on the body. The fabric composition makes the apparel style to be equally sensuous and supportive on the body. The design and the pattern print are what teases and tantalizes the taste buds. As soon as you slip into the sexy underwear, you'll realize that the grip of the fabric is what stretches out and holds everything together in the front while leaves the butts for the show. The design expands on the front and looks enthralling once settled. The zigzag or the joy print designs features multiple colors to modernize the manhood. With a thin waistband, the rear of the thong carries a bit more fabric that slims down in the butt crack. The pouch on the other hand holds the package well and makes sure that the position is front and forward for high visibility. With these features, the Joy Slip Thong is surely a must have for guys who seek to turn heads this summer or plan for a peppy date with their loved one. Check it out here. Don't Miss These:

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Alexander Joy Slip Thong Print perfect for summer

  1. avatar George Lee says:

    I am planning to buy this product and after all the reviews I got for the brand are commendable. I just hope this turns out to be a great piece that adds visibility to my junk.

  2. avatar Ryan Martin says:

    Just what I wanted for my first date night! I bought this on a recommendation of a friend and was skeptical at first because the pouch looked so small. However, I had to verify the measurement twice and finally got this beauty. My girlfriend loved the actual look and feel of the piece on my body.

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