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What not be worn on your beach vacation?

What not be worn on your beach vacation?

So it's the time of the year again when you head to a beach vacation for a relaxing time away from all the stress of the city. The weather is setting and the packing is in full swing with all sorts of clothes making their way to the travel bags. Getting to understand the guide to your men's swimwear is a must-have or it'll be like you end up appearing for the test without doing any preparations.

What to pack is what everyone would talk about because they have their personal experiences to share, but what you won't find easily would- what not to pack.

What is that you shouldn't pack on your trip to a beach?

No underwear- underwater

No underwear- under water

Just because your men's underwear is almost similar to your men's swimwear, it does not mean that you switch without thinking for a second. It not only assaults the spectators watching you, but it also harms the fabric of your underneath article. Moreover, if you are wearing the same in the swimming pool, the fabric of your men's bikini underwear (the best alternative to your swimwear style) would clog the filters of the pool.

You can keep some for partying at the beach that is hosted for the guests but make sure you stick to wearing them there only and not while swimming.

Avoid fancy shoes

Avoid fancy shoes

The rule of wearing fancy shoes is that you need to do them right to wear it for particular occasions. Having them at the beach will harm their look and appeal. Moreover, the beach is a place where you must keep flip flops or sandals that are open and let your feet breathe better.

No socks

No socks

Why on earth would you want to wear socks at the beach? The sandals-with-socks trend belongs on top of every fashion gaffe list and the beach is no different. The idea of sandals and flip flops is to keep your feet feeling fresh when the water touches you and goes back. Think about the same with your socks on! It isn't a happy feeling when your socks are drenched with water you are walking on the beach. Avoid packing socks!!

Don't trespass by wearing wrong swimwear

Wearing wrong swimwear

How ideal would it be wearing a pair of swim bikinis that don't fit you well? Please, yes please- do not end up showing off your masculinity in something that is not appropriate for you and abstains from getting the attention you deserve. Choose according to what's your style when it comes to swimsuit.

Are there any other suggestions of what not to pack from your experiences? Do let our readers know.

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