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Speedo Foto Collection- 10

The collection of Speedo men's swimwear available at Mensuas is basically for all those guys who want to look a little different. Founded on Bondi Beach, Speedo is the world's best-selling swimwear brand. From fast-drying materials to chlorine-resistant fabrics, Speedo has been pioneering cutting-edge swimwear since 1928, even working with NASA on its innovative designs. The iconic trunks and swim shorts are the perfect fusion of style and high performance.

Speedo Foto Collection 10.1 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Speedo at the beach:

It happens every summer. Your beach day is going like any other, and then you see that man in a Speedo. You know he is bold right off the bat, and unafraid to wear the classically captivating and revealing style.

Speedo foto collection by Mensuas makes you feel and go faster. Whether you're out to get some real water action, take a quick dip, play beach volleyball or just people-watch, Speedo, the brand relied on by elite athletes around the world, has something for you. Speedo Foto Collection 10.2 | Men's Underwear | Mensuas More Stories:

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One thought on “Speedo Foto Collection- 10

  1. avatar James says:

    Speedo is a good fit for beaches and summer, Its fabric material is fast drying and gives a sexy look on the beach, that I want  

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