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Model- Hot or Not?

Men's Swimwear

Are you thinking the same as I am? I wish I had him next to me! The sexy model makes you come get some more with his killer smile and cheesy attitude. However, coming straight to the question- do you think this guy is hot or not?

Men's Swim Bikini:

The model is wearing men's swim bikinis with a little more fabric than the conventional style. Black surely appeals to the masses than the other colors as well as looks the body even sexier than the others. The tiny apparel sits low below the waistline and lets the guy show off his sleek body with the protruding abs. The traditional coverage looks subtle but the way he's trying to get rid of them is what makes him look hot. It also has a drawstring for a better fit and easy takeoff.

So guys, do you find him hot or not? Do leave us a comment below.

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