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Men's Swimwear- What's your Style?

Swimwear styles for menIt was a long time ago when men used their men's underwear as their men's swimwear. But, as I said, it was all a long time ago!! Now, men have classified choices in both the segments of their underneath fashion. It all happened when cotton replaced polyamide and polyester for moisture-wicking features as well as when technology was towards providing a better experience to men.
Now if you check out the men's underwear store, you'll find more than 6 different styles of swimwear meant for different body types as well as the variety of water activities.

Which is your kind?

Well, that's exactly what we'll take a look at in this blog.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are the most common swimwear style that men look forward to while choosing for themselves. Trunks look like shorts but are specifically made for water activities. Made with a body hug fit and an inner lining, they are perfect for well-toned body types and also for men who like to keep it sophisticated and covered.

Swim Bikinis

Oh yes! Swim bikinis are the ones that have long been introduced to the male population and have been adopted by many. Why? With its original bikini underwear look, the swimwear counterpart features a variety of cuts, designs and pouch options. With a sexier fit than the swim briefs, this style is surely for the chiseled body types. Cover Male Swim Bikinis

Swim Briefs

Talking about conventional personalities, men's brief swimwear is definitely a mention. If you believe in keeping everything subtle, supported and fashionable, this style is a must-have for conventional personalities. With a typically snug fit, these were introduced in the 1956 Olympics. This style is commonly called as Speedos as well.

Square Cuts

If you're looking for an extension to swim briefs for more coverage and a straight fit, square cut swimwear is what matches your taste buds. They are body-hugging and provide coverage until the mid-thighs. Bulky men can definitely take a look at this style for their swimwear needs.

Board Shorts

If you are not comfortable with trunks because they ride up and bunch in one place (check fabric composition for this), you can always look up for a lengthier option that also gives room for your breathe well. Oh yes!! We're talking about board shorts that vary from knee-length to a little below that as well.

Swim Thong

You didn't know that there's thong underwear is also available in the swimwear category also?? Well, swim thongs are the skimpiest style for guys who are lean and look for to show off at the beach. This style also provides equal tanning down there.

You can also check the infographics for this. Click here.

Which is your favorite swimwear style? Do let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Men's Swimwear- What's your Style?

  1. avatar Beachman says:

    My preference as well

  2. avatar Vincent says:

    I mostly go naked, but if I wear swimwear, I like to wear a thong :)

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