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Most Loved Jockstraps Of 2015

The year 2015 was full of innovative styles and concepts in the men's fashion industry. Same was witnessed at the men's underwear store Mensuas. This blog talks about the highest...

The year 2015 was full of innovative styles and concepts in the men's fashion industry. Same was witnessed at the men's underwear store Mensuas. This blog talks about the highest rated men's jockstrap by the wearers as well by us. Let us look at some of our favorite jocks; from ones that feature a brief cut front to jocks with snap pouches, we couldn't have been more satisfied. 1. Miami Jock launched its snap pouch collection with the Skimp Jock being the most popular of them all. A step forward from the conventional, the snap pouch and adjustable rings on the back are some of the key features to be looked for.Miami Jock Skimp Jock Black2. Pikante's Castro assortment was loved by one and all. The Castro Jockstrap that features super sporty look as well as the anatomically shaped pouch is what catches the attention at once. The colors available are also worth applauding to the brand. The defining yet roomy fit results in an ultra comfy fit with a sexy bulge boost.  Pikante Castro Jockstrap Grape 3. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap is a delectable combination of sporty functionality with oozing sex appeal. With the mesh fabric covering the manhood on the front, there's lot to see in the rear with the conventional designer underwear style. Intymen Sport Pouch Jockstrap Navy 4. The PPU Fishnet Jockstrap is purely fashion underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination with large net-like pouch that keeps it airy and holding with there are no bands as such but the net that does the holding of the butts and a ring that connects the waistband with the pouch. It surely is one of the most innovative ideas. PPU Jockstrap - White-Gold 5. Good Devil has always been the most revealing and sexy underwear brand. The Lace jockstrap by the brand is about getting to know your feminine side and appeal your partner with the same. The lace partially exposes and hides the manhood while the rear shows everything clearly. The passionate color red is what makes it more tempting. Good Devil Lace Jockstrap Red 6. Intimate Boxer Jockstrap is yet another product that goes down in the history with the innovative amalgamation of tear drop-like pouch and boxer-like bands in the rear. It fits well to different body types and yet be comfortable on the manhood as well as the waist without compromising with the support. Cover Male Intimate Boxer Jockstrap Black 7. The Candyman Bordello Jockstrap is an erotic cum exotic underwear made with crisscross design over the mesh on the pouch while the attraction is in the rear where, with the conventional straps, the product also has a thong strap that passes the butt crack. The unique design has been picked up from the 18th Century and is surely a must have. CandyMan Jockstrap Black 8. Agacio has always been popular for its comfortable appeal and sophisticated designs. That's exactly why the Basics Jockstrap by the brand is so popular. The conventional design with the unique Sack Lifting technique is what makes it a desirable product. The subtle lift provided by the same makes the manhood visible on the outside. Agacio Basics Jockstrap Royal Blue 9. The PetitQ C-Jock is a step towards magical apparel styles. The product is hard to understand but fits well on the manhood. Why is called magical? The pouch is attached to the leg bands and connects with nothing else. Simply put, there's nothing that holds the pouch with the waistband on the front. It is just the leg bands holding it in the rear. PetitQ C-Jock - Black 10. The Spider Jock Sheer by the popular label Joe Snyder is highly acclaimed product for the forming fit in the pouch and the sex appeal on the rear with the spider-like net coverage. It looks and feels absolutely stunning on the manhood while the rear is for the show.  Joe Snyder Spider Jock Sheer Black These were the top 10 highest rated men's jockstrap underwear available at This is the right time to bag them before they out of stock.

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2 comments on Most Loved Jockstraps Of 2015
  • Brody Kelly
    Brody KellyMarch 04, 2016

    I am in love with Agacio among all of these and have been wearing the brand for a long while now. After Agacio, didn’t feel like settling for anything else. Hence, I am hooked!!

  • Derrick Mtchell
    Derrick MtchellFebruary 29, 2016

    I just bought the Miami Jock Skimp Jock and was so happy to have invested in something that both me and my partner love. He was very excited when he saw me in these and was ready to pounce.

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