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Be the Spidey with Good Devil Jockstraps

Be the Spidey with Good Devil Jockstraps

Who wants a pair of mens jockstraps that doesn't work like a jockstrap? The men's underwear style is meant to keep a sturdy hold on the assets while the pouch secures the manhood. Well, the times have changed and so have the wants of modern men. Brands like Good Devil Underwear offer pieces that have the capability to transform your intimate fashion as well as your mindset about sexy underwear.

Good Devil

The Good Devil Jockstrap is one of the products at Mensuas that makes you believe that jocks can be exotic underwear too. With a pouch that covers and comforts the manhood, the spidey strings make to be the waistband as well as the leg bands and take care of your assets beautifully. The pouch has thick edges to make sure that your manhood doesn't have to be adjusted after every time you walk a few steps. With nothing but the pouch as coverage, you get to have an airy back with no fabric at all.

With 85.29% polyamide and 14.71% spandex, you can be sure of the elasticity and durability of the fabric. All you got to do is pick your current size and you're good to go.

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