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Regular to sexy- 7 signs you've graduated to sexy underwear

The transition from wearing regular men's underwear to something that can be called as sexy underwear can be really confusing. There might be times when you'll find it quite difficult to be able to choose the right one. Well, you shouldn't worry now! Choosing the best pair for yourself is hard as it is. It's even harder when you think about how many different types of men's fashion underwear are out there. Back in the earlier days, I used to think there were only a few kinds including the tighty whiteys and the boxer brief underwear not leaving behind boxers. Eventually, men worldwide have come to find out, there's a whole bunch of other types that men have never even considered before. You can't enough of the conventional styles because they're charming, supportive and -- conventional. However, you'll see the signs when you'll graduate to the sexy pieces.

You have acquired the liking in due time

When you pick something that's new in the industry and are all over the place with the same, that's called being crazy about something. As a result, when the craze cools down, you get back the regular pieces. But having known the worth of caring about your underneath and taking the time to loving a particular style is what makes sure that you're graduating.

You've started to examine what would suit the occasion

Back in the days, you would have noticed (or not probably) that men wore the same pair of boxers to work every day, to their gym/jogging or even for parties and special outings. However, the times have changed and so has the awareness. Now you take the time to understand the logic of wearing what to which occasion. After all, everything is not meant for everything.

You can't enough of them

Switching from an old underwear style to a new one will definitely take time, but once you've made the best of that time is exactly what matters. Once the craze period is over, if you still can't enough of them, you truly have graduated from the regular ones to the sexy. For example, I bought this pair of g-string for men which I thought would be ecstatic and they were. But, after wearing it for a few weeks, I got bored of them. Bought a new pair again (of a new brand and with different features) and I love them even now (after 8 months).

You choose outfits to match your underwear

When you are in love with something, you look for pieces that support that central piece. For example, if you bought these cufflinks that you came across and fell in love with, you'd pick clothes that'll match them without any doubt. Likewise, that's exactly what happens with your favorite apparel. For example, if you pick male thongs, you'd want to wear body fit trousers for a seamless fit.

You feel comfortable

You feel at home with them no matter where you are. It is like having no-underwear feeling throughout that keeps you going on the regular days. They bring you ease and comfort without even trying to. When they're sitting happily underneath, you feel like things are just how they should be.

You feel supported/safe

When you feel that security of being in that pouch that lifts, shapes/contours and enhances your visibility, it is what true love is all about. True love for your underneath is when you forget about what you're wearing down there.

You have them in a big number

When you have the pieces in a small number the impression that others have is that you aren't very serious about your relationship with the style. However, when you have plentiful and you keep switching from one to another without distorting one single pair and using the others as well, you seem to be a guy who's got mature with his selection. Have you graduated yet? Also Read:

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