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How to build a wardrobe around your men's briefs?

How to build a wardrobe around your men's briefs?

If you are in love with men's briefs, you'd understand the pleasure of having the blessing of the tighty whiteys in life. Not only this, men who love the style a lot, like literally -- a lot are the ones who keep the men's underwear style in the center and build a wardrobe around the same.

Do you do the same?

I was watching an advertisement where there's this lady who wants the engineer to fix the stabilizer in the center below the air conditioner. However, she doesn't like it there but so she asks him to keep the air conditioner on the floor and just place the stabilizer on the wall. It was then that it clicked in my head that people like me who love nothing else but the respective apparel style are the ones who understand the need of taking care of the underneath.

Now the question is - how do you build a wardrobe around your briefs? Find out how below!

Use form-fit, not body hug fit


The fashion underwear style is designed to be bulky and carries a lot of fabric below the belt. As a result, if you wear body hug pants or trousers, protruding lines can be a problem for you. Hence, it would be feasible for you to invest in trousers that avoid this problem and sit comfortably on your low body. You can even choose straight fit jeans or trousers that don't fit you too tight.

Low waist pants

Low waist pants

I know you might be someone who refuses to do'n' number of things but if you really want your briefs to shine, you must make some alterations in your outfits. A pair of low waist jeans would be an ideal option for your personality. Now you might think that the waistband would pop up. Well, a low rise brief would be just there in your closet (if you don't know) to make your days a lot brighter than they actually are.

Include tank tops

Men's Tank Tops

I don't know the actual reason why, but tank tops are the best companions of the respective designer underwear style. The cut and the fit of the undershirt or your outfit when the idea is to relax, matches of how your bottom unmentionable holds the manhood for good. We know you might be the one who sleeps naked but the first thing you look out when awake is your underwear and tank tops are definitely a yes to your weekends.

Remember the colors of your trousers

colors of your trousers

If you are the conventional ones, you would surely keep your outfits basic as well. However, if you are one of those peppy souls who carry briefs in all sorts of colors, you must make sure to choose the color of your trousers with the utmost care. After all, you don't want to show off your pretty pink in your white pants. Do you??

Are there any other suggestions from your end? Do let us know in the comments below.

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