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Sleek And Sexy- Intymen Classic Mesh Boxer

Intymen introduced Classic Mesh Boxer, one of the very unique and handsome men's underwear crafted out of mesh fabric. The aspect of the boxer that clicks instantly is the combination of various colors with golden waistband and intricate work on the legs. Let's get down to some of the features of the men's boxer underwear.

About the Product

Fashion underwear is a playful combination of sporty mesh all around and covering the area with a solid soft pouch that does not have a snug fit and lets the male anatomy breathe free in the cradle-like pouch. With fun gold piping, these are really unique classy boxers. The fabric composition of 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex provide an ultra amount of stretch with spandex in such a large proportion. Nylon keeps the package breathable and comfortable down there.

What we like?


The loose yet defining design of the sexy underwear sits comfortably on the body with the smooth textured fabric falling soft on the skin. The golden graphic accents on the legs look appealing as well as outstanding on the basic colors available like black, red, navy blue and white.


With mesh all over the exotic underwear, the solid pouch out stands on the boxer. The center seam on the pouch makes the already comfortable area bigger and better with a seamless construction all over. The thick stitch outlines the contoured pouch and works like a wired boundary with free falling package inside.


After trying this sexy piece, I felt smooth and comfortable down there. One can wear them to work under anything or even at home when the idea is to relax. The fabric ratio is perfect for lounging as well as wearing it under anything.

What we don't like?

The Intymen tag on the rear side of the waistband looks okay but when you wear and it keeps on rubbing against your skin, it doesn't feel so good. Probably if it wouldn't have been there; it would have been better but in the last case scenario if it troubles a lot, then remove it from the waistband. This will let the elastic waistband fall smoothly on the back. The full coverage men's boxer is a delight for the eyes and great to be worn under anything. It also can be worn on the romantic evenings to keep it comfortable yet confident underneath. Go and try out the variety of colors available at Liked This? You'll Like These Too:

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