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Ditch these habits for the sake of your boxer briefs

Although you are taking care of your men's boxer brief underwear still there are few habits which you need to ditch so that you can enhance the longevity of your men's underwear. Want to know? How about scrolling this article a little bit.

1.Incorrect washing habits

Though your men's boxer briefs are not  as delicate as your men's thong still you need to take care of them. You need to wash them properly by hand instead of using a machine wash for that. You will be surprised to know that people do make mistakes while washing them with hands i.e. they go on scrubbing fabric together aggressively. Though it's your boxer brief before that its a lingerie which is crafted in fine fabrics which can be easily ruined by scrubbing vigorously and that too on a sensitive area, pouch section hence use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Not only one should be careful about scrubbing but has been careful with the type of water you are using for washing them such as lukewarm and cold water, always remember no hot water please, if you don't feel like ruining its fabric. Although machine wash is never recommended for your delicate clothing, if you are running out of time then you may go ahead with that. Make sure you place them in a mesh bag. Also, stop washing your outer and inner clothes together. Read the label as well.

men's boxer brief

2. Stop bleaching your white men's boxer brief underwear

Bleaching your white boxer brief underwear for men is not a smart move as it will destroy the elastic. Instead use a natural bleach, sunlight. you won't be knowing that but your very own sunlight acts as a natural bleaching agent. Besides that, you may even pre-treat any visible stains before throwing them into the machine or else can use your regular laundry detergent or a special stain remover when you are out of gentle dish soap. For removing your stubborn stains use bearable hot water. Also, wash white underwear on the gentle cycle and not with coloured fabrics as their fibres will get attached to your white lingerie which you won't find fascinating and can even make their appearance dull.

3. Stop drying your men's boxer brief incorrectly

When we say, "incorrect way of drying" that means its high time that you ditch tumble drying and start following air-drying technique religiously because it's more healthy and safe. When washing or tumble-drying, the temperature doesn't influence shrinkage. Also, this method is gentler on garments and don't even harm them.

boxer brief underwear

4. No more direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is capable of destroying your men's boxer brief and even men's brief underwear as it comprises of UVA and UVB rays which are harmful to your clothes just like they are for your skin. These rays are capable of fading colours and weakening the fabric. Hence dry your lingerie in the shade where it won't receive too much sunlight.

5. Repeating same boxer brief, stop doing that

Men do have this gross habit of wearing the same lingerie every other day and we have no idea why are they so obsessed with it because they are not realising the fact wearing the same pair of men's boxer briefs can lead to health issues such as chafing, yeast infections, weird odours, rashes and so on. Apart from that it even ruins the quality of the fabric.

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