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Most Loved Bikini Underwear of 2015

In continuation of my last blog that was about the most loved jockstraps of 2015, this blog talks about the men's bikini underwear that was rated highest in the Mensuas category of bikinis. Without beating around the bush, let's look at the various low rise bikinis by the various brands at the men's underwear online store.

1. Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini is one of the most bought and loved bikini underwear at Mensuas. The metallic black color is what appeals to the eyes while the high cuts in the rear show off the butt cheek well. Joe Snyder Bikini Black2. Good Devil Zoom Carnival Bikini is one step ahead of the Zoom category with a little more exposure everywhere. The V-cut on the rear shows off a lot of skin and high cuts on the sides help you flaunt the toned thigh muscles, but the attraction is in the pouch that gets bigger (zooms) according to the manhood. Gooddevil Zomm Carnival Bikini3. One of the most unexpectedly loved products in the bikini category is the Daniel Alexander Brazilian Back String White. There are a lot of reasons why people loved the sexy underwear style. Some of them are- white color, perfect fit, comfortable and soft fabric, the pouch doesn't flatten the package and sexy appeal. These were still a few of the many that made guys a fan of this exotic underwear style.Daniel Alexander Brazilian Bikini4. Another String Bikini by Cover Male is all popular for its excellent construction, high-quality fabric, comfortable fit, and profile enhancement. The triangular pouch and rear coverage with a string waistband are what the bikini all about. Though it looks subtle and simple; it is actually very sexy when you slip into it. Cover Male String Bikini5. Agacio being a subtle and designer underwear brand that loves to keep it basic has its Basics Bikini one of the most shopped products at the men's underwear store. The Sack Lifting technology and the solid pouch with no fabric on the sides are what Agacio Basics Bikini combines to be what it is.Agacio Basic Bikini6. PPU is yet another brand that breaks the conventional formats to follow the trend and needs of the male anatomy. Made for every day but with an extra dash of sex appeal, The Tahiti Bikini by the brand is sleek and smooth with high cuts on the sides as well as full coverage on the front and the rear. It is surely a desire.PPU Bikini White7. Male Power Mustang Bikini Skulls is for the guy who likes to experiment with the graphic prints in his fashion underwear. Though the bikini looks more like two patches of fabric joint by the waistband; the coverage is just right on both the ends (rear and front) while the sides are for the show. The skull print looks modern and breaks the stereotype of solid bikinis. Male Power Voodoo Stretch Mesh Mustang Bikini 8. The Retro Low Rise Bikini by the conventional label Obviously is yet another manhood-friendly product that features an anatomically shaping pouch that shapes up according to the package. Some of the reasons why men love the product are- tag-less, woven elastic waistband, retro look and more.Obviously MEG Retro Low Rise Bikini Brief White9. Otzi Passionate Brush Strokes Bikini Classic Prints is for the art lovers who keep it minimal yet supportive down there. Well, no fabric on the sides and male thong rear coverage is what makes it so popular. The color combination is vibrant and tasteful while the fit is just right.Otzi Passionate Brush Strokes Bikini Classic Print10. When it comes to going out of the way in designing apparel, PetitQ is one of the most tantalizing brands. The Petit-Q West Side One Leg Lateral Bikini Black is one of those products that unconventional, sexy, erotic and leaves a little to the imagination with minimal coverage on the manhood and ample on the rear.PetitQ Bikini Black After mentioning all the highest rated bikinis for men from the inventory at Mensuas; it came to my notice that when it comes to bikinis, guys prefer to keep to subtle in terms of shimmer and glitter while the high cuts, low rise features and more are what increases the sex appeal.

What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Most Loved Bikini Underwear of 2015

  1. avatar Vincent Reyes says:

    I am in total love with Joe Snyder Bulge Bikini. It complements my junk and makes my body look hot.

  2. avatar Zane Adams says:

    I understand the others, but PetitQ Westside One Leg Lateral Bikini is beyond my imagination. It is something out of the world and very unique. My favorite among these are PPU Tahiti Bikini. It is sexy to the core and very comfortable.

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