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Mensuas French Bikini Has Received Some Great Feedback

Mensuas UnderwearDid you love the Mensuas French Bikini? Well! Most of the wearers felt really that they bought this sexy men's underwear from Mensuas and gave a positive feedback. We thought of sharing it with all of you. Iain from United Kingdom said,

"Seriously, we were in Barcelona this summer and I would say 95% of the men were wearing bermuda shorts.  These are terrible when wet because they carry cold air next to the skin and the discomfort - and absurdity - of being both cold and wet while in a warm climate!

The objection to most speedo-style swimwear is they seem designed for maximum discomfort.  They are too tight, too bleak, too conservative.  They have become almost a joke!  The radical brief menswear made by people like Kiniki is also hard to accept because it presents you as overtly sexual, which is silly on a beach, and is so obviously lost in design terms - jarring, jagged triangles with severe, angular waistbands.  You just want something compatible with having been to the gym all year, which you can wear to the beach bar and not look out of place.

So the market must be huge for proper, reasonably interesting designs such as you have made.  Keep at it, because I can say these are the best swimsuits I have ever worn so far.

Well done!"

David from Bentleigh, Victoria Australia said,

"Wow, another masterpiece of design!

The lined front makes the bikini a little less risque but the back is clearly designed to show of buns and that makes this bikini really sensational.

The colours are perfect and the quality of manufacture superb."

There were many more compliments from men all over the world regarding the fashion underwear. You still have the chance to get your own pair at affordable pair from

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