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Everything one needs to know about Halloween

Everything one needs to know about Halloween

The scariest, spookiest, and the most fun night is here. It is finally the time when we dress up in the most different costumes and donning some characters from the fictional world and go trick or treating.

Oh yes!!!

Halloween 2020 is here!!

America takes its Halloween celebrations pretty seriously and makes it one of the most memorable holidays of the year. Yes, Christmas is definitely the best one but the spooky holiday is no lesser. Starting from carving pumpkins, decorating the porch with hanging fake ghosts, inviting kids for treats to dress up like Shrek, or a superhero from the Avengers fraternity, the holiday is all about enjoying to the fullest and partying hard.

But it is going to be the same this year?

Well, in this blog, we’ll be talking about the 5 W’s and 1 H of Halloween.


What is Halloween all about?

Halloween, otherwise called All Hallows' Eve, Allhalloween and All Saints Eve can be followed back around 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic celebration hung on November first called Samhain (articulated "sah-win"), which signifies "summer's end" in Gaelic, as indicated by the Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries. Individuals of that time accepted that the prior night Samhain (October 31st), the dead returned as phantoms. So as to keep the apparitions and spirits under control, individuals left food and wine outside their homes.


Picture credit: CNN

Inevitably in the eighth century, the Christian Church Samhain went to All Saints Day or All Hallows. Consequently, the prior night turned into All Hallow's Eve. The celebration is praised in the vast majority of the nations everywhere across the globe by sprucing up in ensembles. Prior, it is to a greater extent an unnerving festival when individuals left their homes spruced up like phantoms to deceive the genuine apparitions; presently the day is all the more fun and skips around celebrated by the children requesting 'trick or treat'.

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What can be done on Halloween?

If things wouldn’t have been different this year due to the pandemic, we would have suggested you all kinds of activities that you could indulge in to make the best of Halloween this year. However, avoiding huge crowds and abstaining from mingling with a lot of people would be safer for you. So, what could be done to keep up with the hocus pocus spirit?

Dress up

Oh, you cannot just celebrate Halloween looking like that!! Yes!! We mean the kind you’re being right now. You have to choose from the men’s costume underwear options and be prepared with a Halloween look that you’ve been waiting for. You could choose to be the Dracula, Pirate, Hulk, Shrek, or anyone that you want to. In fact, you should dress up the way you think would be the best of Halloween this year.


Oh, it is the perfect time to shop the best of men’s underwear styles for yourself. Why would you want to dress up in costumes only for the parties when you can do that for your intimate session with your partner as well? With the line of men’s costume underwear at Mensuas, you can shop anything and everything from the website at up to 75% discount.

Choose from the sexy men’s lingerie by Secret Male or Officer costume by Male Power or anything that you think seems fit for your personality.

Secret Male SMC006 Bodystocking

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Where should you be celebrating Halloween?

Yes, we actually want you to abstain from going out and meeting a lot of people because you don’t know about the situation. You can comfortably party with your friends on a video conferencing website. After all, the world is going digital in this situation.


You could invite a few people at home - get them sanitized properly, maintain a healthy distance from each other, and get going with your Halloween traditions.


When is Halloween this year?

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. This year it’ll be a Saturday so you get to relax on Sunday as well.


Why celebrate the holiday?

Celebrations bring happiness!! You cannot judge that but when it comes to safety, celebrating Halloween this year would be different from the earlier years. According to a survey done by the National Retail Federation this year, only 23% of parents will send out their kids trick or treating as compared to 29% last year. Not only this, 17 percent say they plan to celebrate virtually.

How will you celebrate Halloween

Why do what Halloween wants you to do?

There’s a lot to do even when you are planning to stay home or have only a few people to party with.

Carving Pumpkin

The absolute first thing that individuals begin taking a shot at for quite a long time is carving their pumpkins. Additionally, called the Jack-O'- Lanterns, history holds the hints of the practice done by the Irish individuals for the event. Begun with shooing off the abhorrent spirits, the practice is all the more a standard custom these days. Regardless of whether you need a cheerful face or a furious one, the choice is all yours. You can even toss in some craftsmanship in case you're acceptable at it via cutting out beasts, cronies, and other shallow characters.

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Picture credit: Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Trick o’ Treating

On November second which is commended as All Soul's Day, the penniless individuals would ask for baked goods called Soul Cakes and consequently, they would appeal to God for the family's expired individuals. This was designated "Souling". In the archaic Halloween traditions of "Guising", youngsters would request food, cash, wine, and different contributions spruced up in costumes. This tradition was resuscitated or extemporized by the Irish and Scottish migrants in the nineteenth century, which henceforth called "Stunt or Treating". Prior 'tricks' were more unmistakable yet in the end 'treats' or confections turned into a custom. Kids go in an ensemble from house to house, requesting treats, for example, candy or in some cases cash, with the inquiry, "Stunt or treat?" "stunt" alludes to "danger" to perform naughtiness on the mortgage holders or their property if no treat is given.

Sweet Clip Art

Picture credit: Sweet Clip Art


Who should you be?

Oh, you can be anything that you want to be! Or, you can take a cue from the ones mentioned below:

Male Power MPC

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Do you want to look like a sexy attendant? Well, you can do that without going over-board and choosing the Male Power underwear.

Male Power Tarzan

Male Power 329-030 Tarzan

Being a couple, you can choose to be the Tarzan while your mate would be Jane. Be the raw version of Tarzan with this men’s sexy underwear that makes you look bare and wild.

CandyMan Police Costume

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Get on the chase to find the criminal wearing the CandyMan Police men’s costume. 

The survey done by the National Retail Federation (that we were talking about earlier in the blog) also mentioned that the top costumes that can be worn in 2020. So, what’s it going to be for you?

Halloween 2020 top costumes

How to make the most of Halloween 2020?

No matter what happens, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and make the most of the holiday. The holiday season is on and there’s a lot in stock for you. Check out this blog here.

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