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5 Popular Halloween Costumes for 2016

Attention men- This is to finally bring it to your notice that women have already started the preparations for the upcoming Halloween night. Have you started yet? Didn't it sound like a notice generated for the welfare of the male population? It has to because Halloween 2016 is just around the corner and by now you should have decided what you'll be sporting for the evening. Still, haven't figured out anything? Lemme lay down some options that are insanely awesome as well as popular and you can easily adopt them to get ready without any hassles.
  1. Pirate Costume: Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean, you can adopt to be either Jack Sparrow or the Ghost Pirate this year. Well, you can sport the particular style if you are flamboyant, knave and very adventurous. With all the wacky accessories like the head scarf, eye patch, bandanas, swords and much more. You just need the confidence to sport the style without making much of an effort.
  2. Batman Costume: This is a super classic costume that men still love to sport for Halloween or other theme parties. With the Batman v Superman, hitting the theaters this year, guys went head over heels for costume combos that have both the superheroes. With the metallic finished costume of the Bat, you get to have the cape, mask, classic belt and other accessories. So, if you desire to save the world the Batman way, have this costume.
  3. Joker: Who doesn't love the Joker? Well, no one other than Heath Ledger could do justice to the role but you can be equally witty, smart, passionate, creative and humor like him. Dress like him with the Joker costume and top it off with the extraordinary makeup details. There's no way you'd be out of sight in a public gathering.
  4. Dracula: From the ancient times till today, Dracula has been a fascinating idea when it comes to showcasing creativity in terms of costumes. With the long teeth, cape and costume, you'd surely be the bloodsucker villain of all times. However, if you are someone who believes in spending the particular evening at home and being naked, the Miami Jock Dracula costume is just right. The boxer brief men's underwear made out of sheer will raise the standard and the cape is for the playtime with your partner. When and how will the fabric come off is totally how to take the whole scene.
  5. Lurch: You remember'The Addams Family' blue-skinned butler who looked more like Frankenstein's monster? Oh yes! He is one of my favorite characters from the show apart from Uncle Fester. You can dress like him if you have minimal resources as well as if you don't talk much. Well, that way, you would just have to say "You Rang?" to everyone around you. Just kidding!!
Make this Halloween more fun, spookier, fashionable and enjoyable. With the dresses all mentioned, what you must do on Halloween is mentioned here. More STories:

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