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The making of my Daddy Box for Father's Day

The making of my Daddy Box for Father's Day

Every year in the month of June brings a lot of preparations and anxiety levels to increase because it is Father's Day. Now you would ask why? Well, every year I grow a year older and according to me, my gift should also be more like my age. It should grow with me (not in the monetary value but by my efforts put into the same). For some of you, the day would be just like any other day, but for others, it is that one day when you get to say thank you to your fathers for everything they do for you.

Long story, short, I found a way to make the day a lot more special for my dad and you can take a queue from the same. If you won't be able to do it this year, start working on it for the next but try something like to his smile go from small to showing off every tooth he has.

I am in the process of making a Daddy Box for this year's Father's Day. It took me a couple of months (because I can't my entire pay at once) and build a box where a lot of things where added to make my dad's day the best one.

Now the next question would be, what all did I include in the box? Find them below.

A scrapbook

I have been making this for a while now! The scrapbook has all the memories of his college days, marriage, my birth and till his birthday in February. You can use last year's photos if you want to include the same. Write quotes and make the book a memorable journal sorts that he'll cherish and will raise the bar of his happiness.

A wristwatch

Father's Day Gifts

He's been wanting to change his watch and the other day I saw him searching the web for the same. He had other bills to pay so I made sure that he wasn't left out on that end and bought him a pair of Lacoste Steel Watch from Amazon and added the same to the box. You can choose something that matches your budget and your father's likes.

A pen set with a diary

Father's Day Gifts

My dad has planned a road trip with mom and a couple of friends later this year. The basic idea of giving this was to make this as his journal for his road trip. He'd be able to pen down his experiences and everything that he witnesses on the road to Las Vegas. You too can plan something like this or ask him to go ahead on a trip with people he likes or solo trip and explore places.

A pair of underwear

I know that sounds funny but there has to something which brings a smile on his face. He might laugh out loud or curb that with just a smile, but I am sure that the underwear for men would be really good for him. Whether you choose a conventional pair of boxer briefs or the fashionable bikini briefs, what matters is not making him feel too old for the styles.

With these things inside the box, make sure the box is all about him and how much you adore his efforts for you. Cover the box with graphics and cut-outs of quotations that'll express your love for him.

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