The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017

The Best and the Worst Moments of Oscars 2017 | Mensuas

Held on the 26th of February 2017, the Academy Awards have officially wrapped up and left the winners, nominees and of course, the audience spellbound. Though the event has already been hyped and talked about so much, there are some who are looking for the highlights of the evening.

From the laughs spread by the host Jimmy Kimmel to the moment when La La Land was awarded the best film award by mistake, the evening was full of highs and lows. So, here we are offering you the best and the worst moments of the Oscars 2017.

BEST Moments

Justin Timberlake inaugurates the show

It was more like an inauguration rather than the opening of the evening when the iconic celebrity Justin Timberlake performed his Oscar-nominated Trolls song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’. The performance witnessed standing ovation by the audience including all the iconic celebrities.

There are candy parachutes in the sky

In order to make sure that the audience did not doze off to boredom and also keep them well fed, the host Jimmel Kimmel sent candies, donuts, and cookies as parachutes to them. That’s exactly what we call being a true host to your guests.

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Kimmel tweets Donald Trump

We told you there was more Trump-bashing to be had, although Kimmel was reasonably mild when he tweeted the President to “check if he was okay”. The host went ahead and tweeted the President of United Stated is he was up or not?

Hidden Figure’s real-life star Katherine Johnson stops by

Being nominated for the Oscars for the category of movies based on true events, Hidden Figure paid recognition to the actual heroes by bringing former NASA aerospace technologist Katherine Johnson on the stage. Her presence being the reasons for so many smiles, she just had to say “Thank You” to everyone available there.

Best film award was given to La La Land by mistake

The actual winner of the award being the team of ‘Moonlight’, the exchange of envelopes had led to this blunder. It was then Warren Beatty announced that the best film award goes to La La Land. Being as awkward as you can think, it was later realized that the true winners were the former team. This being the first disaster of such type in the history of Academy Awards, the 89th year will surely down the memory lane for such an accident.

WORST moments

The length of the show

Oh yes!! The show lasted for more than 4 hours, starting at 5:30 pm going all the way to 9:15. Exceeding the time limit of the show, there were moments when the audience was gifted eatables to keep their focus on the stage. Still, the duration was too long and dragged.

A new definition of “migrant workouts”

Things turned weird when the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal who presented the Oscar for the best animated film started to compare well-compensated and pampered actors to migrant workers. Though the audience appreciated the take but this is not what the Academy Awards stage is meant for.

With the bitter-sweet memories, the Oscars came to an end with lots of enjoyment and memories. You guys stay tuned to for more trending action at and do let us know what was your best and worst moment of Oscars 2017.

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